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The Premier Resort and Hotel in Metro Cagayan de Oro welcomed the Christmas Season with its traditional Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony

(Northern Mindanao, PHILIPPINES)- Marked as the second (2nd) Christmas Tree Lighting Event, Apple Tree Resort and Hotel continues its annual ceremony held recently (December 01, 2015) at the hotel lobby. It has been a tradition to everyone especially the Christians to light up their Christmas Trees with different decors as to signify the start of the yuletide celebration in the country.
The CDOPP (Cagayan de Oro Photographers Photoshoot) together with the Founder and the President:
 From left to right: Marcelo Chan (Board Member), Ken Baguio (Member), Joshua Jireh Abudante (Founder),
Argie Yanez (Vice President), Clement Dampal II (President), Santa Claus

This year, Apple Tree Resort and Hotel partnered with the Cagayan de Oro Photographers Photoshoot (CDOPP) a camera club based in Cagayan de Oro which aims to foster the ability to promote Northern Mindanao as a place with great potential and growth in beauty and style through photography.

Clement Dampal II on the opening remarks
The annual occasion started at 4:30 in the afternoon with a thanksgiving mass held at Punta Gorda, one of the hotel’s function areas and was followed by the program proper emceed by Ms Odessa Bahian and Mr Raffy Vacalares. Mr Clement Dampal II, the hotel’s Marketing and PR Officer inaugurated the event and warmly welcomed the guests, media personnel, hotel partners, and the chosen foundation, and emphasizing the spirit of Christmas, a message both timeless and universal- a season of generosity and love.

“Exactly a year ago today, Apple Tree Resort and Hotel staged the first tree lighting ceremony. We, as Apple Tree Family, faced trials that we have proudly surpassed. We, as individuals experienced the same. But we all have decided to brush away our tears, dust off our asses and say, “The show must go on.” And with this, we light up our tree to symbolize our beacon of light and hope for just around the corner, Christmas is waiting full of presents and blessings for all of us. So ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present, the first viewing of Apple Tree’s Christmas Tree!” said by Ms Bjanesha M. Emphasis, the General Manager on the actual first viewing of the Hotel’s Christmas Tree.

Bjanesha M. Emphasis
(General Manager)
For this year, Apple Tree Resort and Hotel decided to make it something exceptional yet practical. Not only one but three Christmas Trees meticulously made through the efforts of Mr Bert Edroso, the Maintenance Supervisor which were carefully designed and manifested by Mr Rey Vitor, the hotel’s Banquet Head.

The two smaller Christmas Trees stands at 7 feet, each with 13 candle bulbs with the biggest tree standing at 17 feet tall having an approximate vital statistics of 220 inches, 240 inches, and 260 inches circumference respectively with 35 candle bulbs. The Christmas Trees are made up of 220 pieces of dried coconut fronds commonly known in Visayan dialect as “palwa” which were utilized to create a remarkable masterpiece. Additionally, “the biggest Christmas Tree is adorned not only with the usual Christmas trimmings but of poignant scenes caught on camera by our partner Photographers.” - said Ms Bjanesha M. Emphasis.

Apple Tree Resort and Hotel's 2015 hotel recipient (The Gugma Sa Kabataan Foundation) with their Executive Director
Dr Minda Domingo, Mr Clement Dampal II and Ms Bjanesha M. Emphasis (of Apple Tree Resort and Hotel)
Apple Tree Resort and Hotel Management chose the GUGMA SA KABATAAN Foundation as the year’s beneficiary of the event. The Gugma sa Kabataan Foundation (GsK) is registered as a non-profit incorporation in the Philippines, run by its members.

With its vision of an empowering place for street children to enjoy survival, development, protection, and participations towards a transforming community with HOPE, FAITH, and LOVE, the Gugma Sa Kabataan provides temporary care for street children and youth. Working with the street children in providing opportunities to be integrated in family, school, and labor is its sole mission thus, preventing children from choosing the street to be their home or place of livelihood is the main goal of the foundation.
The kids from Gugma sa Kabataan Foundation

Ms Emphasis also showcased the 9 additional 12x18-sized printed arts from the CDOPP Photographers exhibited with the theme “Kids on Streets” displaying the realistic and noteworthy situation of the kids on the streets. Then after, the official lighting of the Christmas Tree was commenced around 6:00pm as Ms Bjanesha M. Emphasis countdown in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 together with the guests and partnered institution. Indeed, our Christmas Tree is an epitome of realistic and simply beauty.”- she added.
The 12x8-sized printed photos of the CDOPP (Cagayan de Oro Photographers Photoshoot)

Meanwhile, the hotel served Filipino foods and delicacies after the Christmas Tree Lighting wherein guests witnessed the interpretative performance of the hotel employees. Additionally, highlighting the occasion was the performance made by the kids of Gugma Sa Kabataan as they gracefully danced with the beat of the music. Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc., the hotel’s recipient last year joined the event as well and entertained the guests with their

The event officially ended after Santa Claus gave his bundles of joy to the hotel’s partnered foundations.
Apple Tree Resort and Hotel's Family
Apple Tree Resort and Hotel's Family
Ms Bjanesha M. Emphasis (General Manager) and Ms Lorna S. Nacua (Operations Manager) with Santa Claus giving
gifts during the annual tradition- Christmas Tree Lighting program.
The Apple Tree Resort and Hotel employees performed an interpretative musical dance during the program proper
Apple Tree Resort and Hotel guests and friends
The countdown of the Christmas Tree Lighting

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