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I AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS IN THE PHILIPPINES is a travel blog about  a man's adventure as he sojourn the enchanting, alluring, refined and beautiful scenery of the Philippines.

I AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS IN THE PHILIPPINES is owned by Clement Dampal II. This blog publishes beautiful spots in the Philippines in which the viewers/readers should try visiting. Most of which places were being visited by Clement Dampal II as part of his growth, journey and his passion of traveling. The blog as well publishes thoughtful and entertaining articles about recommendations, cultures, foods, scenic sites, exceptional experiences, current events (lifestyle, photography, and travel), and everything about traveling.

Clement Dampal II is a Hotelier, Travel Blogger, Numismatist, Philatelist, Photographer, Sojourner, Writer, and Economist.


Clement at Boracay Island
Clement started to blog during the peak of then Friendster’s (Top Social Networking Site before Facebook dominated the cyber-world) featured blog section. His first blog focused mainly on his personal thoughts about life and inspired plenty of his followers and readers.

After almost 2 years, he then started creating his own travel blog which focuses on his journey to the best spots in the Philippines. However, the travel site had been left out from his forte because of the strong need of education. After his graduation, he then started to realize his plans on traveling the Philippines, searching for the best spots, wonders, natures of the country and sharing it to the world.

Clement at the Walled City- INTRAMUROS
Being a travel blogger is not a simple career. You need to be resourceful and informative about your niche. Thus, you document everything like that of a real chronicler. You explore, traverse, and experience every inch of your traveled destination. Willingness is the key!

Clement doing his favorite flex move at 
Starfish Island, Honday Bay,
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Clement is technically a son of a Traveler Kitanglay Lodge 256 known for as many as the Freemasonry (The Largest and Oldest Fraternal Organization in the World).

Having an awful history of asthma, Clement proves it to the many that people can still travel the world, explore the nature, be inspired by wonders despite of this circumstances. He has this mission of traveling the best spots in the Philippines before touring the world while sharing his experiences and moments to the world.

By heart, Clement loves to travel a lot and explore places around the country together with his family, girlfriend, friends, or even traveling it on solo. Below are the list of the places and wonders in the Philippines he already traveled.

Clement at Quiapo Church
- Metro Manila
 - Resorts World Manila
 - Luneta Park
 - Intramuros “The walled city”
 - Chinatown
 - Ocean Park
 - Venice Piazza
 - Eastwood's Walk of Fame
 - Mall of Asia
 - Quiapo
- Tagaytay
 - Tagaytay Highlands
 - People's Park
- Palawan
- Puerto Princesa Underground River
 - Honda Bay
 - Crocodile Farm

Clement at Philippine Taoist Temple, Metro Cebu
- Metro Cebu
 - Bigfoot Studios
 - Philippine Taoist Temple
 - Magellan’s Cross
 - Basilica del Minore de Santo Ñino
 - Lapu-lapu Monument
 - Magellan’s Marker
- Aklan
 - Boracay Island
 - Kalibo
- Samar
 - Eastern Samar
- Leyte
 - San Juanico Bridge
- Tacloban City
- MacArthur’s I shall return Marker

- Cagayan de Oro City
- Surigao del Sur
 - Britania Group of Islands
Clement at the Camiguin Island
 - Naked Island
 - Turtle Island
- Misamis Oriental
 - Initao National Park
 - Mapawa Nature Park
 - Midway, Initao
- Davao City
- Bukidnon
 - Dahilayan Adventure Park
 - Pineapple Plantation
 - Monastery of Transfiguration
 - Del Monte Gulf Course
 - Malaybalay City
 - Valencia City
 - Mangima Canyons
- Iligan City
 - Tinago Falls
Clement at Del Monte Pineapple 
Plantation, Camp Philips, Bukidnon
 - Maze Park
 - Timoga Falls
 - Maria Cristina Falls
 - Macapagal’s Ancestral House
- El Salvador City
 - Divine Mercy Shrine
- Camiguin Island
 - White Island
 - Katibawasan Falls
 - Ardent Spring
 - Santo Niño Cold Spring
 - Walkway to Old Volcano
 - Sunken Cemetery
 - Guiob Church Ruins
- Butuan City
- Gingoog City
- Agusan del Sur
- Surigao del Norte

Clement having his briefing and 
reminders to the students for the tour
Started to work last August 01, 2011, Clement was once connected to a Travel and Tour Operator as a Marketing Executive Officer and Official Tour Coordinator; Clement successfully managed and coordinated the following tours:
- Hongkong Summer Tour of BS Tourism, Liceo de Cagayan University last May 2012.
- Palawan Educational Tour of BS HRM, Liceo de Cagayan University last May 2012.
Clement with students at Isla Pandan, 
Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
- Boracay-Cebu Summer Tour of BS Tourism, Liceo de Cagayan University last April 2012.
- Cebu On the Job Training of BS Radiology Technology, Liceo de Cagayan University last April 2012.
- Cebu-Cagayan de Oro Educational Tour of AB Psychology, Liceo de Cagayan University last February 2012.
- Cagayan de Oro-Bukidnon Educational Field Trip of AB Psychology, Liceo de Cagayan University last January 2012.
- PLDT’s 1st Golf Tournament, PLDT last September 2011.
- Davao Educational Tour of BS Criminology, Liceo de Cagayan University last August 2011.

Clement with friend doing the Kayaking
Aside of being a traveler and travel blogger, Clement is also an adventure seeker which already experienced most of the heart-pumping adventures in the list.

- Whitewater Rafting Adventure, beginner and advance course at Cagayan de Oro City
- Ziplining the Longest Dual-course Zipline in Asia with 840mt at the Dahilayan, Bukidnon
- Sky bridge at Macahambus Adventure
- Climbing the Mountainous region of Eastern Samar
- Stargazing at Eastern Samar
Clement experiencing the World-class rapids 
of Whitewater Rafting Adventure 
in Cagayan de Oro City
- Underground Caving at Puerto Princesa Underground River
- Caving at Initao National Park
- Snorkeling and Fish feeding at Duka Bay
- Kayaking
- Scuba diving at Duka Bay Reefs
- Trekking the Old Volcano Walkway at Camiguin Island
- Practical Shooting at Cagayan de Oro City
- Airsoft Experienced
- Rappelling
- River Trekking
- Mountain Climbing

Clement with his paper bill collections
Clement started his coin collecting hobby when he was on his senior year of elementary. Fast forward, he already collected hundreds and thousands of different kinds of coins and paper bills from different countries including commemorative coins and banknotes of the Philippines. He also has in his collection the United Kingdom Shield of the Royal Arm Coin Set, 1855 France 10 Centimes, 1861 Italy 5 Centesimi, a replica of Ferdinand Marcos controversial P500 bill, P2,000.00 Centennial Commemorative Banknote of the Philippines, Philippines’ Pilipino Series, English Series, Victory Series, New Generation Series, and New Denomination Series, and 1,000,000 Turkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankasi banknote. And to top it all, he has the Largest banknote in the world in terms of size known as the P100,000.00 Commemorative banknote of the Philippine Independence.

Clement at the People's Park, Tagaytay
Clement is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Economics in Ateneo de Cagayan Xavier University last 2011. As an Economist, Clement takes into serious consideration the demands of the tourists traveling the country and how the Tourism Industry of the Philippines harmoniously supply to that need.  He is still on a process of continuing his planned paper entitled The Economy of the Tourism Industry in the Philippines.

Clement taking the Puerto Princesa 
Underground River as his background
Clement is known as a photographer aficionado who is in love of capturing scenic, alluring spots, stunning events, amazing experiences or even well-informed memories, and just-a-day-to-remember moments that he thinks has a good subject to shot. For factual information, Clement uses the rules of thirds on his photography.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the navigation links, pages around the site and join us as we explore, take a glimpse, experience, and travel the scenic spots in the Philippines.

Everything is just under the sun!


Clement L. Dampal II


  1. The opinions are amazing, I definitely like monitoring all over the planet so much that is why I find travel agents that was obtaining a spectacular experience in way of way of life that will not take a while on my holiday with my family associates members co-workers .

  2. keep it up! i love your blog! :)

  3. Hi Clement, this really cool. We like your travels. More of this we would like you to experience more on the Practical Shooting Side in Cagayan de Oro City. Let us know how we can reach you. PM us on facebook. tnx

  4. Impressive bio. He is very accommodating with inquiries about his blogs. :)


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