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Part of our travel destination plans, me and my girlfriend decided to take a blissful escape of an undemanding day trip to the U-shaped long stretched white sand bar of Cagwait White Beach more than 3 (three) hours of uneasy ride from her hometown at Puyat, Carmen, Surigao del Sur.

CAGWAIT WHITE BEACH is situated in the Municipality of Cagwait, the 4th class municipality of Surigao del Sur which is about 32 kilometers Southeast of Tandag, the capital town of the province of Surigao del Sur. It faces the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the east and Mount Diwata on the west.

According to history, a young sailor from the Leyte province who escaped from the Spaniards noticed while passing the bay, a resemblance of a human mouth and/or the esophagus which in he uttered “mao rag wait” in native dialect thus the establishment of its name, Cagwait.

Referred by the famous American Aviator Charles Augustus Lindbergh as the Waikiki of the South, Cagwait White Beach is a U-shaped and/or a C-shaped white sand beach woven by the harmonious composition of nature of tropical settings stretching the aquamarine water. It is said to believe that the discovery of the spot was mishap when the primary intention of coming to the CARAGA was for the wildlife campaign under concessions of the logging industry turned to be the sanctuary of the Philippine Eagle.
Oblivious about our destination being a genesis, we relied on pure data gathering through asking the locals from the area and with the help of a tourist map just to embrace the life of a tourist at the beach. I even looked for possible routes through online search engines; however, the results were not satisfying and guaranteed. Nevertheless, we reached our destination out of harm's way.

So excited to have a glimpse of this “Little Boracay of the CARAGA”, I was flabbergasted by its own distinct attributes which poles apart from that of the famous 4 km white beach of Boracay Island. I proved the travelers and travel bloggers wrong tagging Cagwait White Beach as the “Little Boracay of the CARAGA” where in factual statement, the grains of its own white sand is exactly not the same with that of the sugar-liked fine sand of Boracay. As a result, it made me a little cheerless.

Even so, the clamshell-like white beach of Cagwait most likely resembles of the famous Waikiki beach in Hawaii where a wide stretch of the long stretched white sand beach shoreline fronting the great Pacific with all the pristine elements of a tropical palms and lush vegetations, blended by a shallow and clear tortoise water.

In minutes of accepting the factuality of the spot, my girlfriend cheerfully greeted me with anticipation as she showed me the quaint piece of beauty of this newly explored destination of ours.

Since it is our first time to step foot on this sand bar, we let ourselves experienced the life of a traveler at the beach of Cagwait- finding solace and blissful getaway. So far, the best thing about this place is the isolation from commercialized areas which gave us the chance to enjoy tranquility that we can never get in the city directly. I could imagine how great this spot is during night time as I can visualize the night sky with multitude numbers of stars all over its bed space. It must be startling and peaceful, I thought! Sooner than not, I exclaimed, this will be a next tourist destination for beach lovers.
After a series of becoming conversant with the area, we ordered our afternoon meals which is said to be the “must try foods” in Sand Bar Resort, Cagwait, the Kinilaw and Squid.  The foods are scrumptiously better enhanced than I expect like one thing that gets me so excited. After which, we then enjoyed our own moments together at the sand bar, laughing out loud, cheerfully gesturing each others company as we made it more romantic and appealing. The experience is truly magnificent!

It’s two in the afternoon and I could feel the scorching heat of the sun so we decided to pack our things to bid farewell for now. Not to mention that we have to travel 2 hours from Cagwait Municipality to Tandag City and another 1 hour of travel time going to our area at Carmen.

As Ms Monica Copuyoc once stated, “Perhaps, I have come to the point of grasping because in this moment, I feel small yet infinite.”

The white beach is also the location of the Kaliguan Festival; an annual festivity celebrated every 3rd week of June in honor of St. John the Baptist where unique beach dancing competitions are being gathered.

Spend the day with a sun-kissed experience, and walking barefooted while indulging your senses of pure bliss- A perfect destination for beach lovers.

CAGWAIT WHITE BEACH is part of our Surigao Travel Destination Plans as we celebrate our month-long of being together.

Are you in love? Why not making your own Travel Plans together too? It’s a great way to explore the Philippines with your partner!
Taken from a far (Right Side) CAGWAIT WHITE BEACH, Surigao del Sur
My Girlfriend. <3 td="">
Me and the CAGWAIT WHITE BEACH background
Just doing my thing.... JUMP SHOT
Yes! We are inlove!
Making our own moments together is one of the most exceptional thing I could treasure.
Me and my girlfriend.
Right Side of CAGWAIT WHITE BEACH using a 300mm Macro Lens
Right Side of CAGWAIT WHITE BEACH using 200mm MACRO Lens
Left side of CAGWAIT WHITE BEACH using a 300mm MACRO Lens


It is said to be the longest slide in Surigao.


  1. I luv the colors and emo of the 4th (from the last) photo- Ganda bro! been to SdS pero hindi ko to napuntahan - Sayang!

  2. how much ang entrance?

    1. wala pong entrance fee, cottage lang po babayaran tapos kung gusto nyong mag over night may mga rooms po sila. Been there last Holy week, the best.. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I love the way how you Elaborately Explained what is really Cagwait.
    I am a Lumad Cagwaitnon.
    Thank You having such a Great Experience in Our hometown Cagwait Beach .


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