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Dodiongan Falls: The Angel-winged Falls of Iligan City

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One of the numerous waterfalls in Iligan City yet the only waterfall with its own unique distinction, Dodiongan Falls is a twin waterfalls about 65-66 feet high located in Barangay Dingkila-an, Iligan City.

What something inimitable about this waterfall is that, its unique characteristic is much comparable to archangel wings that is waiting to expand. Furthermore, Dodiongan Falls is the best example for a Chute type of Waterfalls.

A CHUTE WATERFALL is a slide waterfall. It sounds like it should be a slide, and in a more distinct feature, it is a slide. This is characterized to be any waterfall where a lot of water passes through a semi-vertical, narrow passage with a glide.

So far, Dodiongan Falls is the only known waterfall in Iligan City today having this kind of category. As one would say, “Defining and classifying waterfalls is a subjective science”.
Aside of its sole facet, Dodiongan Falls is characterized to be a thin-sheet-of-thread-like waterfall where one could be deceived by its natural flowing water as it doesn’t move at all. Nonetheless, the water smoothly slides through a gliding 30 (thirty) degree hard rock and falls into an approximately 10 feet plunge pool. The plunge pool is a good swimming spot.

Another feature of Dodiongan Falls is its being a segmented waterfall a little bit closer to the Maria Cristina Falls (The Queen of All Waterfalls in the Country).

A SEGMENTED WATERFALL is described with a water often runs off in several different directions where some of it flows separately even more distinct creating two or more waterfalls plunging in one pool.

- Chute Waterfall
- Segmented Waterfall
Part of the IBS WAT 2.0 (Iligan Blogger’s Society,Inc.’ Waterfalling Adventure Tour 2.0) in Iligan City last September 18-22, 2013, Dodiongan Falls is part of the 7 (Seven) Waterfalls that we sojourned. And gladly enough to share my own experience, I am truly amazed by its own feature that stands over the other waterfalls in the area that is why I characterized Dodiongan Falls with my own subjective matter. Nonetheless, it is accepted by most waterfall science enthusiasts.
 My experienced during our trek to Dodiongan Falls was a bit tiresome yet it was totally awesome. Luckily, i took the Enervon Multivitamins from the UNILAB as one of our PLATINUM SPONSORS. I was totally amazed by Dodiongan Falls own uniqueness like I was taking more time to comprehend how it was fashioned by nature.
There are huge boulders where I could imagine how great water rushes down the hillside in the upland areas while the soft rocks beneath the hard rocks quickly erodes and just simply filch the upper rocks into the plunging pool and going to its location today. As the water continuously travels, it wears away the weak rocks and moving across the surface of stronger rocks.
Thanks for the JOLLIBEE Iligan City Branch for the delicious lunch.
One of the most suggested transportation going to the area is hiring a multicab (Multi-Purpose Cabin) type of vehicle same as what the WAT 2.0 did where an approximate travel time of 45 minutes was experienced from the city proper of Iligan to the jump off area or the starting point of the trek-hike.

Another transportation that is also recommended is by hiring a motorcycle known by the locals as the “habal-habal”.
The statement habal-habal came from its root word “habal” which is a tagalong word which means “dog style”. Hence, the word was created.

- From the starting point area (A place where a distorted metal bridge is located), you have to cross two rivers, and trek for about 30-45 minutes depending on your resistance while the sun is scorching.
- The Category of the Trek (Level of Difficulty) is from beginner to moderate.
- Partly it is an open trail; a good hat will shade you a bit. Water is a must bring as you have to sweat more during “too much sun exposure”.
- For ladies, don’t forget your sunscreen lotion with highest SPF.
- WIFI: It’s an environ rich with flora so please don’t expect a wireless connectivity. Just enjoy the attraction and feel the moment without the “online connection”.
- Camera: The easiest way to capture a moment. Aside of the good times! 

Right side upper portion of Dodiongan Falls using a Tamron 70-300mm DI VC USD Telephoto Macro Lens.
Left side upper portion of Dodiongan Falls using a Tamron 70-300mm DI VC USD Telephoto Macro Lens.
The Foreground of Dodiongan Falls using a Canon EF 18-55m IS Lens with CPL filter, UV filter, and ND filter.
A different kind of insect spotted at Dodiongan Falls using Canon EF 18-55mm IS Lens (Macro Setting)

One of those spots before reaching Dodiongan Falls.

This post was sponsored by:
- UNILAB (Trusted Quality Healthcare)
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  1. Amazing shots and trivia kuya Clement!

  2. excellent waterfall photos indeed! ang swerte nyo kasama nyo si jollibee!!!

  3. Wow! It's amazing Pictures.There are no words to say it is a great share.Thank you for this post.


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