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Shore Breaks 5 Successfully Celebrated the Biggest Skimboarding Competition Yet

Created and officially launched last 2015 at Apple Tree Resort and Hotel with the purpose of promoting the watersport in Northern Mindanao and providing opportunities for the youth to actively engage in programs and events for a healthy and active lifestyle upholding  the quality of life, Shore-Breaks, the biggest skimboarding competition not only in Region 10 or Northern Mindanao but throughout Mindanao successfully kicked off its 5th installment last May 24-26, 2019 at the Resort’s property with the three-day annual tournament celebrating the half-decade existence of the event.

Presented by Apple Tree Resort and Hotel, the premier Resort and Hotel in the province of Misamis Oriental together with Grind PH, Business Week Mindanao and Mindanao Daily News as event partners, Shore-Breaks was considered as the biggest skimboarding event in Northern Mindanao in 2016, a year after its birth gathering participants from different parts of Northern Mindanao such as Iligan City, Opol-Misamis Oriental, Cagayan de Oro City, Municipality of Medina, and Dumaguete. It was then officially endorsed by the Department of Tourism Region 10 with the late Regional Director Catalino E. Chan III as one of the sought after events to look forward in Northern Mindanao. In 2017, Shore-Breaks created 3 categories namely Kids Category, and dividing the Adult Category into two (2); Advance Category, and Masters Category gathering enthusiasts, and professionals alike in this sports-oriented event. In 2018, Shore-Breaks set another record of gathering skimboarding participants from different parts of Mindanao and the Visayas such as Iligan City, Cagayan de Oro City, Opol-Misamis Oriental, City of Mati-Davao Oriental, General Santos City, Surigao del Norte-Caraga Region, Digos City-Davao del Sur, and Dumaguete City, resulting to one of the biggest skimboarding events in VisMin that even Mati’s pride the undefeated skimboarder and surfer of Amihan Sa Dahican National Skimboarding Tournament, and an international skimboarder winner, no other than Sonny Boy “Bayogyog” Aporbo joined the competition and was announced as the Ultimate Shore-Breaker in Masters Category.

The 5th installment of Shore-Breaks opened its doors to a new level inviting all skimboarders within the country making it as a National Skimboarding Competition and also opening another category- the Wahine or Women Category aside of the Kids, Beginners, Advance, and Masters.

It started with an opening remarks given by the Tourism Officer of LGU-Opol Mr Kim Lazo, and an inspirational message by Ms Bjanesha M. Emphasis, the Resort’s General Manager to officially open the Endless Summer Beach Festival 2019 where Shore-Breaks is one of the main highlights of the summer event, and was then followed by the Oath of Sportsmanship. The event was hosted and facilitated by Mr Steve Norman Ebonia also known as Kinkin, a local professional skim-boarder, and was spare-headed by award-winning judges namely Anthony Oliver “Bibos” Ebonia, Benjie “Benz-e” Ebonia, and Richard “Sasik” dela Cruz. These judges had proven their unparalleled skills, and mastery of the watersport during their prime.

The shoreline of the Resort became a stadium of participating skimmers surrounded by a multitude of excited spectators cheering up for their favorite players as these skimboarders a total of 60 participants, 14 for the Kids Category, 17 from Beginners Category, 10 from Advance while 12 for Wahine, and 7 from Masters have prepared for this year’s competition.
Out of the 14 official participants for the Kids Category, 5 seasoned skimmers went to the finals showing their best skills to be announced as this year’s Ultimate Shore-Breaker. Nikolayve Faeldin, a local skimboarder from the Municipality of Opol surprised the judges with his ability surpassing other contingents and was announced as the 2nd Runner Up (Rank 3). Daniel James Villasan, the Champion of the Shore-Breaks 4 Competition last year, and also announced as the Champion during the 2nd Kabaybayonan Open Skim Tournament in celebration of Opol’s 4th Kabaybayonan Festival held last April 2019 was dethroned by his opponent and was placed as the 1st Runner Up (Rank 2). Giller Quitat, a skimboarder from Iligan City under Team PIRATA was announced as the Ultimate Shore-Breaker for this year’s Kids Category after pulling off his skills, and showing an impressive sets. Giller was also announced as the 3rd Runner Up (Rank 4) during the 2nd Kabaybayonan Open Skim Fest Tournament.

For the Beginners Category, 17 official participants engaged to the elimination round showing their best tricks during the given sets before proceeding to the Quarter finals. Eljon Obsioma, a local from Opol was announced as 2nd Runner Up (Rank 3) while Angelo Ebonia, also a local from Opol was placed as Rank 2 (1st Runner Up). Angelo was also announced as Rank 2 during the 2nd Kabaybayonan Open Skim Tournament. Darrell Cabasagan from Team PIRATA, a local of Iligan City solidified his skimboarding career after announcing as the Ultimate Shore-Breaker for the Beginners Category while folding an impressive combinations during the final sets. Darrell was also the Champion during the 2nd Kabaybayonan Open Skim Fest Tournament.

The newest category added for this competition- the Wahine gathered a total of 12 official female contenders but only 5 went to the finals. Both locals from Opol, Shyra Grace Salindo and Kharunisia Faeldin placed the 2nd Runner Up (Rank 3) and 1st Runner Up (Rank 2) respectively during the final sets. On the other hand, the 2nd Kabaybayonan Open Skim Fest Tournament Champion, Joy Aleman who is also a local of Opol was announced as the Ultimate Shore-Breaker for Wahine Division.

Meanwhile, the Advance Category gathered 10 professional skimboarders from different places in Mindanao, where half of them went and proceeded to the Final round. Gerry Sacoram from Municipality of Villanueva was announced as the 2nd Runner Up (Rank 3) while  Lester Rosal, a local from Opol placed the Rank 2 (1st Runner Up). Lester was the Ultimate Shore-Breaker last 2017 under the Kids Category and was also placed at Rank 3 (2nd Runner Up) during the 2nd Kabaybayonan Open Skim Tournament. On the other hand, Cheto Gentulan, a professional contender from Digos City-Davao del Sur was announced as this year’s Ultimate Shore-Breaker under Advance Category.

Battled for mastery and supremacy was the show for the Masters Category as 7 professional skimboarders from different places competed for this year’s title. Dingdong Lagmay from Team PIRATA, a boardsport professional from Iligan had given impressive sets during the final round resulting to a draw with his colleague from the said group no less than Johnle Obsioma who had remarkable sets during the 2nd Kabaybayonan Open Skim Fest Tournament announcing him as the 1st Runner Up (Rank 2) during that event. Dingdong on the other hand is a great contender throughout the five-year Shore-Breaks competition who made it on the final top spot. Both of them were announced as 2nd Runners Up (Rank 3). RJ Edrozo on the other hand, a local from Opol and a member of TAUSI gathered his might to announce as the 1st Runner Up (Rank 2). RJ planted his career with an inspiring outcome from Rank 3 during the Shore-Breaks 3 event and the recently 2nd Kabaybayonan Open Skim Fest Tournament.

Meanwhile, the local skimboarder who had a solid career way back when he started to join competitions, and really have a future in skimboarding crafted a very impressive overall points during the final rounds for this category. Crismar Lariosa who made his name on top of the community was announced as this year’s Ultimate Shore-Breaker for Masters while successfully solidifying his career for the past years in the industry. He just recently went up to the Masters category from Advance category who happened to be the champion during the 2nd Kabaybayonan Open Skim Fest Tournament.

A special award- Smallest and Energetic Skimboarder was also given to Sanimar Avia Jr known locally as “Waku” from Team PIRATA of Iligan City.

All of the winners were judged based on the following criteria:
Creativity: 40%
Difficulty: 30%
Smoothness: 20%
Audience Impact: 10%

For a total of 100%.

With the continued success over the span of 5 years together with the support of both local, national, and even international brands, organizations, and individuals, Shore-Breaks set its objective on giving these skimboarding participants a platform to pursue their dreams of becoming professional athletes.

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The SHORE-BREAKS 5: National Skim-boarding Competition is presented by Apple Tree Resort and Hotel in partnership with Grind PH, Business Week Mindanao, Mindanao Daily News.

Platinum sponsors: R.O.X., Gaisano Mall, Centrio Mall-Ayala, Clement Dampal Photography

Major sponsors: O’neill, Billabong, Primer Group of Companies, CDOTC MTC, Project Lupad

Minor sponsors: Modtrade, Nature's Spring Water, Columbia Sportswear, Point Break, Pirata, Reefside

Also brought to you by:
Equilibrium Curve, Dunkin Donuts, Zest O, Del Monte Philippines, Universal Robina, CJV Skim board, Hisense by Solidmark, Omega Painkiller.

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