Mt Anggas: The Quest for Eldfather’s Olden Days Trail at the Mineral Mountain - BEST SPOTS PH



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Mt Anggas: The Quest for Eldfather’s Olden Days Trail at the Mineral Mountain

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Mt Anggas: The Quest for Eldfather’s Olden Days Trail at the Mineral Mountain
 Sun maidens were kissing the hills with golden color, creating a magnificent panorama while revealing the vastness of Mt Anggas- The Mineral Mountain
As we walked our way to the assembly point, the gentle wind and the warmth of the early Saturday dawn gave us a feeling of adventure that awaits us to our journey. My wristwatch ticks at 03:20am when we decided to start our quest to these mountain ranges, left the place with enthusiasm and departing the national road.
The great sun brought his remarkable brightness from a deep slumber.
Gitagum and Alubijid Boundary.
Along the freeway, almost half an hour from our leaving, we broke off for a few minutes to purchase goods such as bread, and refreshments then we continued our way with the atmosphere of the mid November in the air. At the course of our travel of this non-concrete roadway while the sky is clear and moonless, the vastness of the universe greeted us with her multitude charm. I became like a child full of wonders and excitement, and at the moment, my mind were shaping with contents of imagination and thought: "how I wish to bring my family here to witness the fullness of the night while waiting for the breaking dawn. My daughter #SofiaFyrstinde will surely love this scene."
The first ray of light at the Mineral Mountain- Mt Anggas.
Half of the celestial sphere, thousands of stars of different colors overwhelmed us across the sky as we’ve finally reached the jump off point of our destination at 04:36am, half an hour from the national highway. The prominent constellation located on the celestial equator, the Orion with its brightest stars Beta Orionis (Rigel), and the Alpha Orionis, a blue-white and a red super giant also known as Betelgeuse shows as the brightest variable star of all, with the other Orion star clusters (Mintaka, Saiph, Bellatrix, Ainitak, Alnilam, and Meissa). Aldebran, Pleiades, Sirius, Pollux, and Procyon can also be seen without optical aid. Additionally, Ursa Major (Big Dipper) with Dubhe and Merak, together with the Ursa Minor (Little Dipper) with Polaris, the North Star are both visible. The galaxy have always been a source of wonder to me like these are the things that you have to see to believe.

Shortly after, we made our way and walked a small distance from our jump off to this part where a landmark can be found, a mango tree that is coined as the “Tree of Life.” Engr. Raul Ilogon, a fellow from the Tourism, Culture, and Arts Council in the province who is also in-charge of the Nyor’s Playground, a community-based and volunteer cooperative handling most of Mt Anggas hiking trips gave us a short lecture, and briefing in preparation of our hiking adventure.

“At that position!” pointing at that peak, Engr Raul told us that the best panorama in these mountain ranges can be found at that particular deck offering a 360 unbroken and wide-ranging view. Then, a moment later, we started the journey. We traveled across this track called the “Virgin trail”, a 60-70 degrees ascending passageway of rocks and gravels with long narrow grass and vegetation. Undersized by the idea as an easy path, the trail going to the high grounds was totally a rough encounter. I searched among the trail, and there was a Cliffside. Unprepared and with only brightness from my phone's flash of light, while carrying a loaded backpack of more than 13 pounds, the passage became challenging stairs carved in the uneven ground. I looked unsettled at that moment, counting my breath with every step I took. “I can make it!”, I thought, then twenty five more steps brought me to the ground trying to fix myself but the only sound I can hear was breathless gasp, almost panting, then I had a short of breathing. . . as luck would have it, I managed.

While inhaling intensely, our guides Repa Etabis, and Japhet Limas informed me that few footpaths are still needed to reach the top deck. At 05:00am about 18 minutes or so, the path took me to the topmost ground carrying another 25 heartbeats, I was not tired and yet, I was ready to drop- finally I have reached the viewing deck.

Few minutes after, the first ray of light progressed the calmness of the atmosphere while withdrawing the curtains of the breaking dawn, the great sun brought his remarkable brightness from a deep slumber.

The ranges framed every direction while we watched the sun with interest. Sun maidens were kissing the hills with golden color, creating a magnificent panorama while revealing the vastness of Mt Anggas. And I thought, “Nothing beats, and observe the impressive view, in time for sunrise that greets hikers as they reach the peak.” We made a series of documentation while staying an hour at the sun deck.

At 06:03 in the morning, we continued our trip before the great sun touches us with his warm temperature. We descended few steps, and ascended few yards from the view deck to the next stop- another range with the solitary tree. It was heart-wrenching seeing huge and aged stones shattered into pieces because of irresponsible hikers’ doing, unfamiliar with the destination, or without getting a well-informed guide just to unlock the so-called “personal achievement”.

Then we continued our journey, tracking the uneven terrain while the brightness of the sun illuminate the surrounding. The path took us down along this hill side, and in a blink of a second, our colleague unintentionally fell from our track. By mistake, he put one foot forward at this unstable rock. Instinct has brought me to accelerate, hurdled, and grasp his arm however, my left foot locked down and he started to roll down 15 feet or so from our ground. For an instant, the accident took some of our colleagues stunned, fortunately our friend held a strong grass root saving him from additional and serious mischief. Our guides then hastily descended to assist him. With bruises, and few cuts, the fallen comrade risen up and gave us an acceptable cue.

The great fall- Kenneth Falls.
Returning to the group, we resumed our hike while carrying the idea of being safe. A later after, we found ourselves traversing another cliff side pathway. This time with the notion of being vulnerable of misfortune, we cautiously cross the uneasy trail while hand-holding the firm rocks and successfully reached the other point.
Traversing another cliff side pathway at the right side of the hills.
Photo captured by: Pearly Cabudoy of PJ Caboodle Blog
Ten minutes after, we have reached this part of the track that they coined as the “Spartan trail”, the name was derived from the movie 300 where Spartan warriors traverse to a rough trail and prickly plants. Good thing, this “Spartan trail” is not a challenging one, but the fields were abundant with knee-high grass, a decent foreground to do a photo op…. we then managed.

From the blooms-edge grass of the Spartan trail and while the space shortened, we found a shelter from the heat of the sun, a steep slope and a ground covered with thin-like tree trunks, we had arrived at 07:09 in the morning and had taken our siesta. The guides together with Engr Raul introduced us to this lemongrass beverage, a thirst-quencher which we managed to drink….. I was relieved!
A very steep slope and a ground covered by thin-like tree trunks.

After an hour of rest, we continued our way to this peak where I should have made an aerial survey of the mountain ranges. Unfortunately, after three attempts of moving up through the air at approximately 20-30 feet under control, failure was unpredictable- the screen indicates lost signal, I lost hope and gave up.
Mt Anggas- The Mineral Mountain.
The journey continued while our liquid refreshments are more than half empty after consuming earlier- a need to drink and be hydrated. This time, I can feel the warmth of the glaring sun that penetrates us, my knees are tired while my back is yelling for rest. Then, Engr. Raul gave us two options: The first one is traveling the lengthy path, or crossing the shorter track with rough edges. We chose the long way while our colleagues Randale who is a seasoned trekker and Frank, a German outdoor enthusiast had chosen the latter.
A mineral rock can be found near a trail.
Observing the ground, the mineral rocks brought my notion to an era of my Eldfather’s olden days. I thought for an instant the stories of him about a mountain course of rough ranges, and steep slopes from a day hike or two that starts at their place in Linangcayan, Manticao bound to Cagayan de Oro navigating the Naawan-Alubijid-Gitagum-Opol course with this mountain way. That was a tough route to follow but as we ascended to this vertical stairway of uneven rocks, the tale whispers of excitement and authenticity.

We continued that trail down under, few mounts, then descended until we had reached a portion of downhill where a chapel is located, a sanctuary to those who need rest from hours of exhaustion. We then had our morning meals at a spot while entertaining ourselves with a refreshing landscape as background. At 10:20am, we decided to move down to the course where they said waterfalls can be found. Few yards, we had arrived to this spot, it wasn’t a waterfall but more of a stream-like descending water about hip high. We followed the water course, and reached a steep drop in the course of the stream of approximately 6-7 high, and saw a small hut. Randale hastily assisted us with our stuff descending the vertical drop with his parkour skills. The path going down was a challenging one for us, good thing my brother Phillip saw another way. While Marlon, Mr Raul, Frank, and the guides bathed at the stream, we decided to have our breaks climbing few heartbeats, and reached the shack that served as a temporary shelter to us, drained hikers.

While my father is proud of our newest achievement (with Phillip Dy), how I wish my father's father will see this trail again where he had used to traverse long ago. It seems like I am more excited to share this experience to him like a story teller. 

Our MT ANGGAS TRIP is part of the Camera Club of Cagayan de Oro's Photography Trips in partnership with Nyor's Playground.

MT ANGGAS is a mountain range located in Barangay Gregorio Pelaez, Gitagum, Misamis Oriental, 20-30 minutes from Cagayan de Oro and another 20-30 minutes from the National Highway. There are several jump off points that offers different trail paths. Some prefer the trail that directs them to the highest peak of Mt Anggas where a Electrical Tower is situated while others chose the trail starting from the Sun Deck. 

For your safety, and convenience, always get a professional trek guide. The guides from Nyor's Playground handles most of the Anggas Hiking Trips. DO NOT GO ON YOUR OWN! (Unless you want to get lost). Seriously, you may want to reach them through Engr Raul Ilogon: 0916-433-3878. 

The best time to go there are as follows:
- At 02:30 in the afternoon for the sunset with overnight camp
- At 03:00 in the morning for the sunrise (day tour)

Lastly, do the LEAVE NO TRACE principle.

More photos at (please click the link to navigate):

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