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Guest Bloggers

* Are you a travel-oriented person?
* Do you want a place, a spot, or a location to display and talk about some of your best scenes?
* Are you interested in helping hundreds and thousands others to sojourn the enchanting, alluring, refined and beautiful scenery of the Philippines?
* Have you got a review of beautiful spots in the Philippines?

If so we’d love to feature one or more of your travels here at I AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS PH.

I AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS PH is currently accepting guest bloggers around the globe. It’s a great way to get your name in front of a community of women and men filled with travel enthusiasts.


If you’ve got a great idea for a post, an article, an entry and would like to add exposure for yourself, your website, blog or organization, then feel free to access I AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS PH and share your thoughts.

We accept tips for newbies (especially foreigners) on where can someone find the refined and beautiful scenery of the Philippines.
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We’d love your post to be a minimum of 400 words long (just like the length of this post).

Articles should be original that has not (and will not) been published elsewhere online. Thus, you confirm and willing us to use them on this site.

We include a link(backlinks) back to your blogs, websites, flickr, facebook, multiply account in return for your entries. Plus! A full writer profile and photo and multiple backlinks opportunities (contact the owner for this matter).

The only requirement aside from writing a great post that’s useful and helpful is to promote your guest post on your own blog or website with a link back to I AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS PH.


Send it through E-mail-Submit your articles vial email with our contact form: CONTACT FORM. Simple complete the form and include "Guest Blogger" in the subject line. Just send it with your thoughts for your posts and we'll be in touch to you whether we can use it or not on this blog.

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