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The Avatar Tree is a giant willow-like aged-tree that is said to be the largest and the oldest surviving tree of Cagwait Municipality. It is situated about 10 kilometers from the White Beach of Cagwait.

The Avatar Tree was named after the movie The Avatar as the natural facets of this more than century old tree is similar to that of the “Tree of Souls” which is a point of extreme spiritual significance.

After our momentum sun-kissed experience at the Cagwait White Beach, me and my girlfriend decided to visit the Avatar Tree as well which is about 8 kilometers away from the beach to make our travel more satisfying and grandeur. We hired a local motorcycle called the “habal-habal” for P80.00 from Cagwait White Beach to the vicinity of the Avatar Tree including our drop off to the bus area. That’s about 15-20 kilometers from the highway of the municipality.

The Avatar Tree is located approximately 25-30 meters from the seashore where it sits 3 men to hug its rough diameter. Its clean environment is maintained by the locals within the area where the old-aged tree shields the locality with its expanding brushwood. It gives me that impression of the Avatar Tree being a sacred tree to protect its vicinity like increasing its sense of protection and security.

According to our guide and even some of the locals who lived within the area, the Avatar Tree was about to buy by a multi-dollar company to expand its business and even promote a modernized environment of people and nature. Unfortunately and fortunate enough, the locals declined such offer as they believed that the Avatar Tree is a Sacred One and must be protected by all means necessary.
The Battle of this Tree of Life is said to be continuous as rumors has its stake that it could be bought by foreign investors with proposals more appealing to that of the other companies. If that company might get what they desired for, the Avatar Tree would be depicted with the same heartrending outcome of that of the Tree of Life in the Avatar movie.
It is most describe as:
“Approximately a week after jake Sully, Grace Augustine, and Norm Spellman escaped from the RDA prison facility, Miles Quaritch initiated a full-scale assault on the Na’vi race, the main objective being to annihilate the Tree of Souls in order to clear the Na’vi away from the corporation’s unobtanium mining efforts. Quaritch knew that the Na’vi would not come withing a large radius of the devastated Tree of Souls should it be destroyed.

Though Colonel Quaritch’s forces managed to outgun, outfight, and eventually rout the numerically superior Na’vi forces, his plan eventually failed due to the massive intervention of Pandora’s megafauna, compounded by lack of SecOPs force coordination from the increasing intensity of the planet’s Flux Vortex. The tree was not damaged during the battle, although the explosives meant for it reached within a kilometer of its resting place.”
The photo was taken by my girlfriend using a Canon 1100D with EF 18-55mm IS Lens.
The photo was taken by my girlfriend using a Canon 1100D with EF 18-55mm IS Lens.
Taken at the Beach of Cagwait, Surigao del Sur

Yes! That's my girlfriend!

Check the right section of the photo. You could see another tree sprouting from the AVATAR TREE.

25-30 meters away from the AVATAR TREE.

25-30 meters away from the AVATAR TREE.

25-30 meters away from the AVATAR TREE.

AVATAR TREE, Surigao del Sur

AVATAR TREE, Surigao del Sur

The willow-liked Aged Tree of the AVATAR TREE, Surigao del Sur

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