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Cagayan de Oro City known as the City of Golden Friendship and considered to be the Whitewater Rafting Capital of the Philippines was recently coined "Where adventure never ends" by the TTG Show Daily, the official publication of the Asean Tourism Forum held last January 19-22, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila and came out to be the 9th most visited places in the Philippines by the Department of Tourism.

The economy of this city is indeed booming as compared from the past years. We may notice the expansion of the SM Cagayan de Oro downtown with the on-going SM Prime also known as the SM CDO 2 Premier said to have a high-rise call center including a high-end hotel located at the C.M. Recto Avenue. The SM Premier 2 is said to be the biggest SM in Mindanao once completed. Limketkai will also resume its Luxe Hotel Tower 2 constructed including the LOOP tower while the Avida Tower 1 can also be seen as 75-80 percent done. Mesaverte Residences by the Land Masters also announced its exciting condominium project in the same area.

With this fast-growing development, I decided to create a documentary shot of the city on a panoramic setting. The project aims to showcase the Business District of the city with its growth during night time.

I chose the High Ridge, an over-looking restaurant located in Aluba as the view deck point because i think it is the best vantage point to photograph the city to date.
The panoramic view of Cagayan de Oro City as seen during night time.
Seen above photo is the panorama shot of the city showing its development. This is by the way, a photo-result of merging 16 different images taken on the same period of time.

I started around 8:35 in the evening and ended at 9:50pm. All photos was set to 30 seconds exposure time at 100 ISO. 4.625 Max aperture and 0 step exposure bias. Additional camera/image information below:

Make: Canon EOS 600D
Lens: Sigma AF 150-500mm OS DG APO HSM
Exposure Time: 30 seconds
F-stop: f/7.1
Focal length: 150mm
Metering Mode: Pattern
Exposure Program: Shutter Priority
Mode: Manual

I mounted the Super Telephoto lens attaching the DSLR camera to Jusino AX255 Professional Traveller Series 5 Tripod with BT-02 Ball head which by the way, can accommodate a 15-kilo weight. 

All images were set accordingly to maintain the image uniformity. Then, used Adobe Photoshop CS 6 Extension to merge the photos resulting to the above image using the perspective lay out while clicking the "Blend Images Together", "Vignette Removal" and leaving the "Geometric Distortion Correction". The resulting image is about 65MB which has a total width of 25464 pixel x 4240 pixel in height. That's about 308.9 mega pixel dimensions! And by the way, i changed the actual size of it at 15000 pixel x 2498 pixel which is equivalent to  107.2 mega pixel dimensions.

Meanwhile, i added some photos i captured during the documentary shot.  

If you happen to like the photo, please don't forget to share this article to your respective social networking accounts. Just don't mind the watermark. Decided to add it to protect the images from stealing. And don't forget to click the image (mouse 2) and click open image in new tab to enjoy the hi-res viewing.
Above image shows the 70-80% completion of the Ayala Avida Tower with the Seda Hotel.

Above image shows the Limketkai Luxe Hotel Tower 1 and the Gateway Tower. Taken at 500mm using the Sigma AF 150-500mm DG OS APO HSM

Above image shows the Limketkai Luxe Hotel Tower 1, Limketkai Center, and the Macabalan Pier.
Above image shows the Mallberry Suites Business Hotel together with the on-going construction of the SM CDO Premier 2. At the far right is the Limketkai Plant.
Above image shows the Mallberry Suites Business Hotel (left), Limketkai Luxe Hotel Tower 1 (Far right) beside the Limketkai Gate Tower.
Above image shows the Cogon Market (below left to center), Mallberry Suites Business Hotel (right corner) and the on-going SM CDO Premier 2 (center). Seen far right is a commercial shipping line departing its way.
Above image shows the Ayala Avida Tower (left) with the Seda Hotel and the Centrio Mall. G Galyx, a budget hotel can also be seen near center of the image. Lower right is the Cogon Market.
Above image shows the G-galyx, a budget hotel (near center) with the Cogon Market (lower right portion).
Above image shows the Maxandrea Hotel (left), and the Ayala Avida Tower (right) with the Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan SBM Building (lower center portion)
Above image shows the Maxandrea Hotel (left)
Above image shows the Dynasty Court Hotel (center left corner)
Above image shows the Ysalina Bridge most commonly known today as Carmen Bridge.

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