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Wondering  what is and where can you find the Oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines? If you are a church lover and a traveler, then, I'm sure you know the answer. But if not, then this is good for you!


(I was inside the Basilica when my sis took this shot for souvenir)

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño (commonly known as the Basilica of Santo Niño) is the oldest roman catholic church in the Philippines founded by an Augustinian priest, Andrés de Urdaneta on April 28, 1565. It was built in 1566 ordered by Friar Diego de Herrera and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi as the San Augustin Church in which was built out of nipa (a palm considered as a mangrove), hard wood, and mud (earth).

The church is located in the heart(right part) of Cebu City's downtown.

Today, the Basilica of Santo Niño draws not only devotees, churchgoers from the city itself but as well it captures travelers tourists, and pilgrims around the globe. The Basilica Minore del Santo Niño receives hundreds and thousands of visitors every day. I'm not kidding of the numbers.

Plus, it features a museum inside the Basilica in which showcases the history of Christianity in Cebu. Antique objects are on display, including century-old furniture, priestly vestments and the Santo Nino's old cloaks donated by individuals over the centuries. Religious articles such as statues and relics are also displayed and other items of daily life from the adjacent convento. Several toys may also be seen; these are said to be presents to the Child Jesus, as well as a large Santo Niño rosary composed of 15 beads (

In 1965, during the fourth centenary of the Christianization of the Philippines, Pope Paul VI elevated the church to the rank of minor basilica ( in recognition of its importance and that of Cebu City as the cradle of Christianity in the East.

Here are my souvenirs when I went there with my sister Sharie. 

(Front of the Basilica)

 (Right beside the entrance of the Basilica)

 (Praying area of the devotees and visitors)


  1. You are indeed a real traveler clement. Keep it up! By the way, thanks for this article. It is indeed, an informative post about the Philippines Oldest Catholic Church. I am finding time to visit this place.

  2. @Patricia Dwight= thank you for that comment Patricia. This place is indeed amazing.

  3. hello:) can you teach me to write a travel article..plzzz. Hoping for your favorable support.

  4. ahmmm, honey,do you wan'a visit this church again...with me? ;)

  5. @ Ainee= ofcourse honey. Basta ikaw, hadlok ko....hehehe...I love you! Looking forward for this experience with you honey. :)

    Count Clement II
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