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Siargao: Surfing Capital of the Philippines

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Ever wonder where is a tear-drop shaped island located in which holds the title as the surfing capital of the Philippines? Well, well, well....It is situated in Siargao Island, Philippines!

Siargao Island is located on the eastern part of the Philippines, facing the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Deep, in the province of Surigao del Norte.

Siargao Island offers a wide range of spots. From coral reef islets to white sand beaches offshore. From mangrove rivers (In fact, it is the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao) to emerald lagoons. From cliffs to rain forests and caves. Name them all!

Now, who's up for a more nerve-cracking, more exciting and more adventurous trip? I recommend the "Cloud 9". Don't worry, its not the typical chocolate food.

Cloud 9 is best known to the world as one of the best surfing destinations in Siargao Island having a reputation for its thick, perfect, hollow tubes that international surfers call it a special wave. The provincial government of Surigao del Norte sponsors the annual Siargao Cup, a domestic and international surfing competition held in Cloud 9. Visitors around the globe including bests of the surfers gather here just to experience its perfect great waves.

The wave was discovered by traveling surfers in the late 1980s. It was named and made famous by American photographer John S. Callahan, who published the first major feature on Siargao Island in the United States- based Surfer magazine in March 1993, and hundreds of his photos in many other books and magazines since his first visit in 1992 (

Just forget about Boracay and Dakak White Islands. Trust me, you'll be surprised to see the wonders of this Island.

Check these photos:

Thanks to Elaine Mae Ajoc Punay and Laurice Grace Bael for the photos.


  1. This is soooo. Ugh-MAZING! :))) Thanks for sharing this! I want! I want! I want to go there!!!!! If only I have money enuff. :))

  2. Pia Pola PhotographyMay 11, 2010 at 2:34 AM

    This is indeed a great post from you Clement.

    You really featured the beauty of Siargao Island. Now I wanna visit the place and experience its majestic place.

    Thanks for this post.

    Greetings from,

    Pia Pola Photography

  3. OMG! i really wan to go there clemz... hahaiz....
    anyway, this is one of the best spots in philippines they say... so if given the chance.. i relly won't spill the opportunity then. whew!

  4. super NICe.. ;)
    g-advertise ka clems? hahaha-

  5. Thank you for featuring my photos.. Siargao is indeed nice! Ü

    - Elaine Mae Punay

  6. @Laurice post lng ni grace.

    @Elaine Mae Punay=thank you for approving my request elaine...without it, I can't make this entry.^_^

  7. Hi Clement, thank you so much for the post. The photos you used were actually owned by our guests who went to Siargao just recently. If you don't mind, I'll post our ad here so that others will know whom to contact. Thank you clement.

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    surfing at Cloud 9. Avail the package tour for as low as 3,250each for
    12pax.2nytz-2days. For more info, contact 09063162531/09329340886.

  8. @Michael Ho= I never thought Elaine and Grace availed to your package tour. that is really a nice business. About adding advertisement to my site or you wanna promote your business, simply click the banner ad located at the top corner of my blog powered by adbrite...or you can directly contact me via facebook, yahoo mail, google mail, or a phone and let's discuss about the site is open for business advertisement especially about traveling.

  9. I am thinking of Boracay when I saw the photos you attached in this blog. Basically, I am wrong. I never thought Philippines have many white beaches like this one. This is really an informative site for travelers.

    Thanks for this post clement.

    Greetings from San Antonio, Texas USA

  10. @freemasonry. thank you so much for the offer. will consider this. i'm still exploring blogspot. hehe. kinda new in here. thank you again.

  11. I loved it!!!
    omg u've been to all of this plac?/:O

  12. Wow! a perfect place for surfers. more beautiful than Boracay Island. Thanks for this guide Clement.


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