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This is another spot in which I recommend you (tourists and travelers) to visit.

Yes! This one is again, a beach spot! ^_^

So, what is it? 

It is San Isidro Beach- a white beach located in the Island of Panglao, Bohol. (click this link to check the beauty of Panglao Island: Panglao Island, Bohol).

It is another beach in Panglao Island aside from Dumaloan Beach, Overhanging Rocks at Anda Beach and the famous Bikini Beach in which you'll surely love to visit. Don't worry, it is a white beach. lmao

Check the photos below:


Thanks again to Katelyn Marie Loquellano for the photos. I am so excited to visit this spot and experience its natural scenery.


  1. I found you from Annabel Candy's blog. Where do you live in the Philippines?

    I would like to keep in contact with you.

    Please visit my site and tell me what you think! Paalam!

  2. @Randall= greetings sir! Yeah, Annabel told me about you and she even send me your site.

    Anyways, you can contact me by adding me at Facebook.

    We can have a link exchange if its fine with you.


    By the way, thanks for dropping by.

  3. nice blog dude..
    link kita sa photoblog ko..


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