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Villagracia Beach, Cagayan de Oro City

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Villagracia Beach!

Have you heard of this? or have you tried visiting this beach? Well, actually, this is my first time to visit the beach site. Well, I never thought about the spot in the first place. Thanks to my fellow CYF'ers (CYF stands for Christian Youth Fellowship) since they planned to have our outing last May 28, 2010 here.

I must admit, I really love the beach so much. I just don't know why exactly. I guess, it is because of the scenic and relaxing-panoramic view. Well, I was really amazed with the site to be honest.

So where can you find this beach?
Villagracia Beach is located at Bonbon, Cagayan de Oro City.

If you love beaches, then you will love this one too!

Just check these photos I captured during our outing. Enjoy!


  1. Sasuke2007 - GrudgeMU

    Nice Blog :D,

    Very Nice Piks, In Very Nice Places


  2. i would really want to visit this place someday :)
    love the theme of the blog :)
    go green!


  3. I never thought Bon-bon have a beach like that since Opol is more famous than the others. It is beautiful. I would really love to visit this place. Thanks for this guide Clement.

  4. wow ... what a beautiful place ... everything is perfect . =) ...

  5. base on my experience just yesterday..i beg to disagree for all the beautiful comments!at first they approaches u well..pero after mo magbayad ng cottage fee..u thought u were secured.. but ITS A BIG NO!!!! sabi ng mga boy dun named REY BALADIANG and JUNEX TABANAO private daw un beach kaya secure ka,,but so opposite.. how come private na me nkakapasok na MAGNANAKAW/ and the worst is,wala naman ibang tao kundi kayo lang na costomer at dalawang boy kuno nag roroving un pla ang belongings ng costomer un niroroving kung kelan mo maiiwan..lalo na pag overnight. kc kahit me pumatay man sau sa loob, walang makakaalam kc kahit humingi ka ng tulong walang makikinig walang manager o lifeguar khit malunod ka pa... so sa di pa nkaka punta better not try to visit the place kc REPENTANCE ALWAYS CAME AT LAST! will known ang place na halos evryday me nagrereklamo na nawawalan ng gamet..we costomers admit that we are responsible to our belongings but.. sana doble at higpitan din nila un security sa lugar kc,, mga menor de edad lang un mga boy dun,at walang kakayanang maipagtanggol ka sa masamang tao...

  6. do you have thier numbers? Cellphone or land line plsss ... please let me know , I would like to made a reservation ! thank you .

  7. ang sama nmn ng tingin m sa cdo hndi nmn lahat ng tao n tga dun ganun ang ugali tyming lan cguro pagpunta m dun mga craulo ang nakausap mo...:(

  8. Hello i know this is an old blogpost however, i'd like to share my experience on this Beach Resort. Just a disclaimer, this has nothing to do about Kagay-anons and whatnot because i myself is from Cagayan de Oro thus this comment is based on my experience and does not reflect the majority of the Kagay-an people.

    First things first, this Beach is not that bad if you're on a tight budget and want to host a party and whatnot this is a good option however if you are the type of person who likes a more organized and a more "classy" facade well this is not the beach for you.

    The only concern i had with this beach resort is that the lack of training with their Management and Staff. I hosted my birthday at this beach sometime last weekend and had a little commotion going because of the lack of hospitality of their Mainetance/Guard. As a beach resort, it's standard protocol that the management should give fair courtesy to their guest and not just work and do no empathy at their customers and not frown or talk behind their backs remember that in every business it's the customer who's always right.

    Another thing i'd liked to point out is that, if you're the type of person who's very keen to a clean bathroom/toilet. we'll this beach resort is not for you. They have the worst toilet and shower rooms. I don't even know if you can call it shower room where in fact there's no shower at all... just an old salvage drum from god knows where it was from filled with water and a makeshift "tabo".

    The resort though is kept clean no signs of garbage or plastic. they have a volleyball and kiddie slide which is great for recreation or for kids to play along. The Karaoke Machines by the way are quite a distraction since everyone could darn listen to flat voices(should recommend making private karaoke rooms instead of an open space Karaoke). Another thing, they don't have Halogen lights which could be a great help to those night-swimmers.

    Over all, the price for the cottage is really affordable at Php250 you get what you paid for. But for me, I would rather look for a more nice resort with well-trained staffs such as Apple Tree Resort and Pool. They have budget friendly rates like their Php150 swimming pool rates and it's a much conducive space if you'd like to host a party honestly speaking...

  9. The persons in charge are very strict. The CR/washroom is very smelly. yuck!!! I'm not being maarte because I've been there already but really they should hire someone to maintain and clean the CR.


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