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Campamento Cave, Surigao del Sur

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Hi! I believe you're wondering where I am after my last blog post last June 2010 and why I stop doing the blogging. Actually, I didn't stop. I just paused for a while to finish my degree on Economics. And yeah, I succeeded and graduated just this March 2011. (Thanks God! I am now a degree holder traveler. ^_^ ). Blogging is one of my ways of living.Thus, traveling and capturing photos are included.

So, what's new?Where should we go next?

Let's start!

The next spot which I recommend for you to sojourn is one of my travel spot lists plans for 2011. Campamento Cave is the site I am talking about. Actually, this is one of the garrisons of the Japanese soldiers during the Japanese regime. Campamento Cave located in the interior portion near daniog river and silop spring at Silop, Agsam-Gamuton, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur is a naturally preserved structure that Lanzanhons (the people in the area) were very proud of.

As you can see in the photos below, it has this magnificent formation of stactites and stagmites that glows in the dark and shines when hit by light. Amazing, isn't it? Well, Surigao del Sur has this gorgeous cave. Philippines has this! And I am very much proud of it.

(Below are the photos of some tourists who visited the place)



Still a sanctuary of a large group of insects and animals like bats, snakes and giant spiders are nested inside the cave. As one site information connoted: "The cave has a blended embrace of cold and warm air passing through the opening of the cave that allows you to imagine the mirror of the past".


Thanks to the Surigao Marajaw Karajaw (Search them at Facebook page) for approving my request to use there photos for my blog.You can contact them by sending emails at

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