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Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin Island

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One of the tourist attractions when you're in the Island of Camiguin is the Katibawasan Falls.

It is actually one of the best spots I recommend for you to visit when you're in Camiguin Island, Philippines.

Katibawasan Falls is located at the foot of Mt. Timpoong, Barangay Upper Pandan, approximately five kilometers southeast of the Municipality of Mambajao.

According to the town folks, the waterfalls relatively measures 250 feet high down-rushing into a man-made rock pool. The bluish-green pool is surrounded by small and a few of large boulders which are natural stones from rivers, the easily grown terrestrial herb Spathoglottis Plicataground also known as the ground orchids, huge trees, and wild and giant fern beds.

During our Camiguin Tour, we included the Katibawasan Falls for our itinerary. And luckily, we visited the place to see the real beauty of this waterfall.

Upon entering the area, a lot of souvenir shops greeting you with their lovely smiles selling their products to their corresponding customers. Plus! you'll be surprised seeing a chained-monkey named "WOWEE" beside the entrance gate. Believe me, the monkey surely loves to jump on to people. Just be sure you're 3-5 meters away from that vicinity. He's actually jealous when you approach the owner/caretaker of the spot.

The area is actually an ideal spot for family bonding, reunion with friends, dating, and of course, picnicking.

The place actually has an entrance fee for only P10.00 per person since is maintained by the provincial government of Camiguin as one of its tourist spots. That is a minimum amount for you to see and be acquainted with its splendid scenery of nature.

According to my friend Renee Chinita Rosello (her brother is actually an authorized Department of Tourism Tour Guide), the people of Upper Pandan can visit the area for free. Yes! They are FREE to go inside the tourist spot. Is that amazing? I'm sure it is.

You actually need to walk down the concrete stairs for you to reach the clear bluish-green man-made pool that is made of rocks. Unfortunately, I forgot the numbers of steps of that stairs. I even counted it but now, I'm not sure about the numbers. Roughly, it is 50-70 steps.

How to get there:

Since Camiguin Island can be toured for a day, it is fortunate enough for you to visit the area itself. Katibawasan Falls will always be included in the itinerary for every Camiguin Island Tour Package.

From the Benoni Port, you can rent a multicab, jeep, car or a van for you to get to the location. Each of the transportation have its own price. Well, you can always asked the driver to make your payment little less. Just don't brag. :)

Now I can say with a smile, "I've been here and will be coming back again."

Check my photos I captured below during our Camiguin Island Tour:

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  1. Been there with my friends last january 19 to 23. It was great experienced i've ever done.


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