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How to Save Money on Your West End Theatre Tickets

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A guest post by: Angelina Lawson of boxofficeltd

It is nice to stroll around and look at the classic façade of each West End theatre. These theatres highlight a wide variety of live theatre shows that are both enjoyable and memorable at the same time. However, tickets are usually expensive, especially in the lower rungs. So if you want to take advantage of these Boxoffice tickets without spending much money, here are some nice ways to preserve the cash.

Never Spend on Unnecessary Souvenirs

As a tourist, you are always grateful to buy some souvenirs for the journey back home, but if you aspire to buy Box office tickets for a show, never spend on these souvenirs. Most souvenirs cost more than a theatre ticket alone, so never waste your money just by purchasing these gift items. You may better reserve them for the latter portion of your journey in order to save money.

Minimise on Public Transportation

You may as well need to walk more in order to exercise yourself. By minimising the use of luxurious cars or cabs on the way to the London box officetheatre, you can save money by walking, if you are boarding close by, or through busesas you can watchthe big show at your convenience. Biking is also an alternative.

Bring a Sandwich or Other Snack
Theatre food is usually expensive, so it may be better off if you bring a homemade sandwich or any other snack on the way to the theatre. That way, your stomachs will be filled in time for the big show. However, never bring your own food insidethe London box office; otherwise, the guards will confiscate them. Just consume them outside the theatre before arrival.

Reserve Online If Necessary
If you have internet connection, it should not pose a problem for you. Reserving tickets online in advance is the best way to gain good value in every show. Search for any reputable ticket sales website and search for West End theatres, where you will look at the various dates of a particular show. Choose the cheapest possible seat in advance in order to prepare enough money for the event. Boxoffice tickets are usually sold out on weekends and holidays, so choose the best date possible in order to avoid any hassles.

Author Bio:  
Angelina Lawson is a Content Writer with an interest in topics relating Theatre, Films, art, culture etc. You can follow her @boxofficeltd on Twitter.

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