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TSADA KAGAY-AN Half day City Tour Officially Launches

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Dubbed as "TSADA KAGAY-AN-Half day City Tour", BOHEMIAN EXPRESS TRAVEL AND TOURS, INC. in cooperation with the Department of Tourism Region 10, Cagayan de Oro City Tourism Office, Cagayan de Oro Hotels and Restaurants Associations (COHARA), and Giya Aminahang Mindanao Association (G.A.M.A.- Northern Mindanao Tour Guides Association) officially launched the CAGAYAN DE ORO HALF DAY CITY TOUR last July 04, 2012. The successful launching started at 7:30 in the morning at the Tourism Show House, Divisoria which participated by the Department of Tourism Region 10, Department of Trade and Industry, members from the Cagayan de Oro Hotels and Restaurants Associations, Giya Aminahang Mindanao Association, Cagayan de Oro Travel and Tours Associations, Inc., City Tourism Office, Local Medias, and Bohemian Express Travel and Tours, Inc.
A photo souvenir with the delegates who participated the successful
launching of the Tsada Kagay-an Half day City Tour last July 04, 2012.
The tour was being guided by the members of the Northern Mindanao Tour Guides Association known as the G.A.M.A. which was conducted by Mr. Milo Dahilan Jr.(for the Coaster No.1), Ms. Reina Bontuyan (for van no.2), and Ms. Paulane Tugas (for van no.3). Meanwhile, the Department of Tourism van convoyed us as the van no.4 during the tour.

The tour officially started at the heart of the city- The Divisoria and made a 360 degree while the tour guides discussed and shared their knowledge about the vicinity. My guide at that time is no other than, Ms. Reina Olavides-Bontuyan (co-member of the Ateneo Mountaineering Society known as the XU AMS). She even explained to us the history of the Divisoria and how the name came up.

According to Ms. Reina Olavides-Bontuyan, DOT-10 Accredited Tour Guide, Divisoria is a word derived from the Spanish word "divider" (which means to divide). It was used as a fire breach in the early 1900's.

By the way, we can find 4 important monuments in Divisoria. Namely, Magsaysay Monument, Cry of Freedom or the Bonifacio Monument, J.R. Borja Monument, and Rizal Monument.
Entering the St. Augustine Cathedral
premises with Mr. Nilo Lazarito holding
a flaglet and Ms. Paulane Tugas.

After pointing out the highlights of Divisoria, we countinued our tour to the St. Augustine Cathedral which is located across the Cagayan de Oro City Hall Complex.
Mr. Milo Dahilan Jr. introduced and gave information inside
the St. Augustine Cathedral.
Did you know that this historically gothic inspired Cathedral is the city's main Catholic Church and the seat of the Archdiocese of the City of Cagayan de Oro. And the word Cathedral, by the way comes from the word "Cathedra" which means, a seat of the Bishop.

Inside the premises of the City Museum 1st floor.
After being acquainted with the St. Augustine Cathedral, we then proceed to a walking distance approximately 20-30 steps Museum called "City Museum".
Their, we meet Ms. Paulita "Nanette" R. Roa, the Museum Curator and a member of Cagayan de Oro Historical Commission. She then acquinted us to the rich history of Cagayan de Oro.

The Cagayan de Oro City Museum is originally a water tower building built in 1922. Today, it is managed by the City Government of Cagayan de Oro located in front of the Gaston Park.What's unique about this water tank turned-into a museum is that it is actually leaning to the right.

Inside the Monster Kitchen
After the City Museum, we went to the Monster Kitchen, A Pasalubong Center for our shopping time where most of the One Town One Product (OTOP) and Souvenirs can be found.

Monster Kitchen houses a culinary school on its 2nd level of its building. For a minimal cost, you can enjoy and enroll of its culinary education.

Our next stop is the Cogon Market, one of Cagayan de Oro's Public Market. There, we were surprised with the hospitality of the staffs of the said market. We then proceed to the area were the famous "Nanol's Cafe" is located. What's the catch about this "cafe" is that, it houses the best of chocolate drink in the city called "Tablea" and "Tsokolate". They actually serves hot choco for only P16.00 per cup. Believe me! It will surely satisfy your tastes. Don't forget to pair it with their Puto Maya for only P7.00 and Puto Bread for only P7.00. That's a bunch of Carbo!

We then went to "Humba ni Violy's" which serves one of the best traditional humba's in the city. We even witnessed a man showing us on how to make and cook the well known "hanging rice"- the "puso".

We then proceed to Lim ketkai Center for our rolling tour.

Lim ketkai Center houses one of the oldest malls in Mindanao known as Lim Ketkai Mall which is now one of the biggest malls in Cagayan de Oro City. it also houses the First Starbucks in Mindanao fronting the First McDonald branch outside Metro Manila.

Then after, we went to our last spot which is the La Castilla Museum.

There, Mr. Emmanuel Echem, the Museum Curator of the La Castilla Museum shared to us about the Museum.

La Castilla Museum is originally the summer residence of the late Founders of Liceo de Cagayan University (The Rodolfo and Elsa Pelaez Family). It is located in Rodolfo N, Pelaez Boulevard Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines beside the Liceo de Cagayan University. It has a total area of 11,000 square meters. The 1st floor exhibition area has a total area of 365 square meters while the 2nd floor has 416.77 square meters. 1997 was the year it became a Museum.
For more information about La Castilla Museum, please check this link: http://bestspotsinthephilippines.blogspot.com/search/label/Museum

After being acquainted with the information, we then proceed to the official launching of the TSADA KAGAY-AN Half day City Tour headed by the Department of Tourism Region 10 Regional Director Catalino Chan III who is very much happy about his experience of the tour and officially promoted the half day city tour to the delegates.

We are so pleased, elated, and proud that Cagayan de Oro City has now its own City Tour which is a bird's eye view of the city to the tourists.

Gladly, I myself is so proud to be part of this history as one of the thinkers of this successful event.

It's more fun in CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY.

For more information about the Half-day City Tour, please contact the Bohemian Express Travel and Tours, Inc. at (088)858-1554 and 0917-7032600 or visit their Facebook Fan Page at: 

(Check the photos below for the official Tsada Kagay-an Half day City Tour launching last July 04, 2012)
The briefing before the official start of the Tsada Kagay-an Half day City Tour at the Tourism Show House, Divisoria.
Me with the G.A.M.A. (Northern Mindanao Tour Guides Association), and friends from Travel Industry.
From Left to Right: Mr. Kirby C. Cahoy (Upper Left), Ms. Reina Olavides-Bontuyan (Lower Left),
Mr. Renato R. Pepito (Swift Travel+Tours), Ms. Maria Eloiza R. Cabading, Ms. Paulane G. Tugas,
Ms. Maria Angelica Mikaela Mora (Swift Travel+Tours), Mr. Milo Dahilan Jr., Mr. Cernan R. Aguiñot,
Mr. Nilo A. Lazarito and of course, Me.lmao)
Mr. Jhules Baril of Regatta Tours (left wearing blue polo shirt), Ms. Reina Olavides-Bontuyan,
(center), and me at the La Castilla Museum.
My colleagues taking our photo souvenir after the Tour Proper.
Featuring the Northern Mindanao Tour Guides Association, G.A.M.A.
with the Department of Tourism Region 10 Regional Director
Mr. Catalino Chan III.
A brief introduction conducted by the Tour Guides before entering the La Castilla Museum.
Below are the participants of the Tsada Kagay-an Half day City Tour:
1. Mr. Catalino Chan III (Department of Tourism Region 10 Regional Director)
2. Mr. Decius Esmedalla (DOT-10 Tourism Officer)
3. Ms. Joanna Yu (President of COHARA)
4. Mr. Tito Noel Mora (President of COTTA)
5. Ms. Nellie Fulache (Area Sales Manager of Airphil Express)
6. Ms. Peaches Paguidopon (Philippine Airlines)
7. Mr. Jhules Baril (Regatta Tours)
8. Mr. Rodney Victor Imperio (Regatta Tours)
9. Mr. Joey Nacalaban (Sunstar Cagayan de Oro)
10. Ms. Lucille Jamero (Chali Beach Resort)
11. Ms. Rezel Salo (Chali Beach Resort)
12. Ms. Maria Angelica Mikaela Mora (Swift Travel+Tours)
13. Mr. Ercel Maandig (MEDIA-DXCO/On Focus)
14. Ms. Lani Socorro Castillo (CASA CRYSTALLA)
15. Ms. Jesse Abear (DTI-MOR)
16. Ms. Charloth Ordesta (City Tourism Office)
17. Ms. N. (City Tourism Office)
18. Ms. Rollyn Layaguin (Dynasty Court Hotel)
19. Ms. Nicole Managbanag (Sunstar Cagayan de Oro)
20. Ms. Stephanie Berganio (Sunstar Cagayan de Oro Super Balita)
21. Mr. Mike Baños22. Mr. Renato Pepito (Swift Travel+Tours)
23. Ms. Ma. Eloiza Cabading (Learning Guide of GAMA)
24. Mr. Kirby Cahoy (Learning Guide of GAMA)
25. Mr. Reynold Domingo (Bugsay Rafting)
26. Mr. Ernesto Seriosa II (GAMA)
27. Ms. Anne Nievares (The VIP Hotel)
28. Mr. Nilo Albert Lazarito (GAMA)
29. Mr. Carlston Maglangit (DOT-10)
30. Mr. Milo Dahilan Jr. (GAMA)
31. Ms. Paulane Tugas (GAMA)
32. Ms. Reina Bontuyan (GAMA)
33. Mr. Cernan Aguiñot (GAMA)
34. Ms. Archete Luzvilla Bingona (City Tourism Office)
35. Mr. Ramil Sanchez (La Castilla Museum)
36. Mr. Emmanuel Echem (La Castilla Museum)

- Ms. Maria Teresa M. Picardal (Manager)
- Ms. Darlene B. Palamine (Cashier and Book keeper)
- Mr. Clement L. Dampal II (Marketing Executive Officer and Tour Coordinator)
- Mr. Paul John P. Lincaro (Ticketing/Liaison/Reservations Officer)
- Mr. Arjune Lagrama (Cagayan de Oro Tour Coordinator)
- Mr. Rodrigo F. Encabo (Coach Captain)
- Ms. Roda Liv Luz (On the Job Trainee)

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