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GUEST POST: My Aliguay Island AdvenTOUR

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A Guest post by: Pons Joseph Ligutom of Dumaguete City, Philippines

Dapitan City is not just all about Dakak Park Beach Resort and Jose Rizal anymore. One of the best beaches to experience when in Dapitan is the crystal clear turquoise waters of Aliguay Island.

Last July 7, a Saturday, me and 5 of my colleagues had the opportunity to go and experience the wonders of Aliguay, from white sand beaches to diverse coral reefs. Staying here in Dapitan for almost eight months now, I finally made it for the first time to this sought-after island in this city.It was a 45-minute trip from Dakak pieruno via the 98-seater air-conditioned fast craft, Serpentina. It was a great relief to have such vessel down here for local tourists like me who may not be that adventurous in taking the local ‘banca’.

While underway the swells were a bit rough, but that didn’t matter anymore as we were greeted by the shimmering white sands of AliguayIsland upon arrival.I find the island small and inhabited mostly by fisher folks. To my surprise, I discovered an airstrip! Such a small island at that with an airstrip can only mean two things!! Either the island is owned by such a wealthy business tycoon who flies to the island for his own private leisure or the island must soon be a major beach destination!  Looking at it, the latter is most likely to happen.  Aliguay, with its magnificent beauty will soon open its shores to tourists who prefer to fly direct to the island via light aircrafts.

We only had until noon-time so we immediately took a quick dip in the pool then eventually on the beach and geared up for snorkeling. It was my first time in Aliguay and it didn’t disappoint me, the coral reefs were an amazing site and a must see when in Aliguay. There were schools of both tiny and large species of fish, I could snorkel the whole day but time did not permit. The island is perfect for tourist backpackers who want to experience a more peaceful and serene paradise island vacation. You can likewise try fishing and kayaking.    

When you are on budget trip to Aliguay do not forget to bring food, especially fresh drinking water because fresh water is scarce in the Island, although one resto, called Tacubo Restaurant is amazingly affordable. During our short trip we had some “poso” (rice wrapped and cooked in coconut leaves), chicken adobo (chicken cooked in fish sauce and vinegar), and two cans of corned beef for our quick lunch. We hurriedly ate our lunch in a nearby bangka as it was already past 11 am and our Serpentina ride was about to leave.

Even if we had only limited time, toasting ourselves under the Hot Aliguay Sun was truly a worthwhile experienceI would definitely come back again for more!

Indeed, it’s fun in the Philippines! It’s more fun in Aliguay!!!

About the Author: Pons Joseph Julian L. Ligutom is a blogger and content writer from Dumaguete City and currently working in a Travel and Tour Operator based in Dapitan City as an Internet Marketing Staff.

Photo credits to the Guest Blogger


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