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GUEST POST: 10 Reasons to Take a Vacation to Miami

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A guest post by: Rachna of CheapOair.

Are you bored of your daily routine life and looking for that vacation destination where you can escape from all the hum-drum and enjoy a relaxing getaway? How about a spot that offers intoxicatingly beautiful beaches, supreme architecture in its art deco buildings, a rocking nightlife and year round pleasant weather? How about a paradise named Miami? Renowned to be the cruise capital of the world and one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, Miami offers host of irresistible choices to travelers that are simply hard to find elsewhere.

A one stop destination that offers superb entertainment, shopping and posh nightclubs, Miami is certainly a must visit for everyone. This is a list of 10 simple reasons why you should opt for a thrilling vacation to Miami.

· Go cruising: Cruise capital of the world and one of the world’s most beautiful ports, Miami offers splendid cruise trips renowned for their breathtaking landscape and extra ordinary customer service.

· Smart offers: Being a prominent travel destination, there are many portals that offer discount deals on Miami provided you book early. You can easily book cheap flights to Miamand reserve accommodation at fraction of the normal cost if you act early.
· Entertainment: Never short of entertainment, the city offers prominent nightclubs and fine dining to keep you engaged at all times. For party lovers, the city is certainly a hidden jewel.
· Love for food: Comprising of mostly Cuban and Spanish population, the city offers diverse range of cuisine that is sure to drive you crazy. From up-market dining restaurants to local food joints, delicious food is something that you’ll find everywhere.
· Weather: One of the prime reasons why Miami attracts plenty of tourists from places like Canada is its weather. Pleasant throughout the year, travelers can even lie on its beautiful beaches during Christmas.
· People: More than the city’s restaurants, beaches and entertainment option, it’s the friendly people of Miami who make it what it is today. Their warm nature and cultured attitude is what is enjoyed by tourists the most.
· Beautiful beaches: Home to world famous beaches like Miami and South beach, the land is stuffed with beautiful beaches that’ll help you rejuvenate. You can also indulge in adventure sports in some of these beaches.
·  Live music: Truly a city that loves its music, Miami offers an amazing live music scene in Coconut Grove. Enjoy your favorite drink, favorite music and favorite food, all in one place.
· Niche rental cars: One of the reasons which make Miami a paradise for tourists is the services it offers to travelers. Whether it be cars on rental or sports equipment, you can get it all in Miami easily.
· Excellent accommodation: Miami presents range of options to tourists from luxurious five star hotels, mid budget comfy hotels to vacation homes. Whatever your choice be, a great balcony view comes free with all.

What makes Miami special is that there is something different to experience every day. Whether it is shopping in Miracle Mile or appreciating the architecture of Coral Castle, Miami makes sure that your vacation is not only diverse but also rejuvenating and beautiful at the same time.

About the Author: Rachna works for CheapOair, an online travel company that is committed to provide cheap airline tickets along with hotel reservations and car rental services.


  1. Wonderful and excellent tips to enjoy your lovely vacation in Miami.

  2. I think one more reason why Miami is a good place to visit is the transportation it has. There are party bus rental Miami Florida that tourists can hire and they can help tourists find good and best places to stay and visit.

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  4. This is really fantastic tips to enjoy vacation in Miami. thanks for sharing.
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