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Rainy Season in South East Asia and Its Beauty

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A guest post by: Janella Giselle Domingo

Photo credits: http://itsmyideas.com/?p=111
As we all know many countries in the Southeast Asia experienced the rainy season during the month of May. Although the rainy season can’t be really determined when to start and when will it ends, most people knew considered it by July till October. By the month of May it may start to rain and by June, it turns to be a gray sky season. But behold, this is not so disappointing for this season does also have advantages especially for those travelers.

1. Cool weather. This season is much better for travelers since it offers a cooler temperature. In summer, the temperature rises up to 40 degrees Celsius, but from May the temperature lower down to 28 to 33 degrees Celsius. It will be conducive for them to roam around and explore the place.

Photo credits: http://wallpapers-mobilewallpapers.blogspot.com/2011/07/rainy-season-ultimate-mobile-wallpapers.html
2. Fresher and Cleaner air. Because of the cold weather brought by the rain, air becomes fresh and clean. Try to have this relaxing and smoothing air. It is the best season for the asthmatic persons.

3. Lower number of tourists. As the result of the rainy season, tourists can enjoy the relaxing and not crowded places. Tourist can easily book their flights also.

4. Affordable and lower prices. As the rainy season comes, the countries offer lower prices because of lesser tourists and lesser accommodations. It is better for those who wants to save money.

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      5. Greener sights and landscapes. As the rain starts pouring, our eyes can be satisfied with more beautiful landscapes. The beauty of the trees, the plants, and the mountains will arise as the drops came from the sky. South East Asia offers lots of wonderful places which rain can add to its more catchy scenery. The waterfalls will be amazing to see as the water current becomes stronger. And when the rain pours at the afternoon, especially in a bright and sunny day surely a rainbow will catch up your attention as it shows up its beauty and color.

6. Storm-spotting. Try to catch up the spectacular scene that nature brings. Try to be amazed and be inspired.

7. A perfect time to pass time idly. Rainy season offers you a better sleep at night because of cooler temperature especially when it pours late at evening. When it does rain, it is the best time to experiment indoors, go to the mall and watch movies, go to bars and eat at restaurants.

Photo credits:
8. Photos. Rainy season may be a nice season to take pictures. The lightning, and darker skies these are nice view to capture to create an artistic photos than a sunny or cloudy day.

9. Funnier views and sceneries. If you are not so serious guy or girl, try to look around when it is raining. Try to see how rain ruins a parade, a picnic or some serious events. Try to laugh and enjoy.

10. Bayanihan. As we know in the rainy season, we can’t avoid having floods. But during this time, we do know that the values of Filipinos can be seen. People who were stuck on their roofs were saved by those who can. And when the calamity went through and left people homeless, those who can give help them give donations, foods and clothes that they can use. This is the real beauty of the rainy season, the sense of unity and Bayanihan.

See? Who won’t be amazed by the beauty of the rainy season in South East Asia? The beauty is not just about what we see and what we have, it is also with what we can do. So try and experience the beauty of the rain in South East Asia can bring. Do not just try to see it’s beauty, try it for yourself and be pampered with the rain.

About the Author:
Janella Giselle Domingo is a travel ambassador and blogger from Deck Chair Cruising. They offer cruises from melbourne and other services. Despite of her busy schedule, she never forgets to indulge in her wanderlust. 

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