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GUEST POST: Walking Tour around Hong Kong

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Guest post by: Dominique Garcia

I like to walk. It is when walking I get to appreciate a place, myself being in that place, and how the universe conspired to bring me to that place at that time. Sentimental and spiritual as it may seem, walking really has a different effect on me.

One of my favorite places to walk around in is Hong Kong. To begin with, it really is a place made for walking. Everybody seems to choose their feet over wheels when going from one place to another. For a place so busy, walking seems to give me enough time to absorb everything that is happening around, especially the local life.
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Guided Walking Tours: 
· Big Foot Tour. Hong Kong locals who know the place like the back of their hand, Big Foot Tours offer 4-hour guided walks around the streets and outside the streets as well!
· Little Adventures in Hong Kong. Led by National Geographic Traveler editor-at-large Daisan McLane, Little Adventures in Hong Kong meets the needs and wants of travelers. Aside from the usual routes, the tour group also organizes walking tours around the more urban areas so you can have a better perspective of the city life. You might be convinced to live in the area after joining a tour!

DIY Tours? Don’t miss out on the following:
  • SoHo. Its name is its address: South of Hollywood Road. This is where you can find the hippest restaurants where the hippest locals converge. From Italian to Spanish to fusion cuisine, everything is here!
  • Butao Ramen Shop. This ramen house is well worth the queue. Serving up only 300 bowls per day, Butao starts its day early with a buildup of a long line of hungry locals and curious travelers. You wait for 30 to 45 minutes to get seated for the best-tasting ramen you will taste all your life. Don't believe me? Queue up to see, or rather to taste, for yourself!
  • Tsim Sha Tsui. While I like the outskirts, the heritage buildings and the ole-in-the-wall restaurants, I have to admit that I’m still a sucker for bright lights and blinding blings. In Hong Kong, there is an abundance of such, and all of them seem to be in Tsim Sha Tsui, where everything is cosmopolitan and chic.

Hong Kong is a traveler’s paradise. Take a detour from the usual route of Disneyland and museums by either joining a guided tour or creating your very own walking tour. From Manila to Hong Kong and back, you will definitely enjoy every bit of your trip if you use your feet with your eyes as you tour around. Enjoy!

About the Author: 
Dominique Garcia is a passionate travel writer. Having visited more than 50 countries, she loves to share the experience and the knowledge about holiday tips, best destinations and travel advise.

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