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Boracay Island Drowning Prevention Tips

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A guest post by: Kit Cruz

In the Philippines, drowning is likened to an epidemic for killing more people than viral diseases like tuberculosis, dengue, and malaria. This pressing dilemma spurred the initiative called Philippine Drowning Prevention Plan 2011-2015, which seeks to lessen the 40,000 yearly incidences of drowning by 50%. With this plan, more people will be saved from near-drowning, and the number of deaths due to fatal drowning will also decrease. These initiatives aim to spread awareness to prevent drowning from occurring. 

If you are going to a beach like populated ones like Boracay, then take note of the following drowning-prevention tips:

Image and video hosting by TinyPicKnow the weather. Before doing any open-water-related activities, take note of the current weather condition at the beach you are in or in the nearby areas. Do a visual inspection for any disturbance in the atmosphere or clouds. Dark clouds bide an upcoming rain, in which case it is better to avoid water-related activities. Also, listen to the news for a storm. Even if the storm is hitting a different area, effects can be felt at your location.

Know the season. If you happen to schedule your vacation between May and October, be aware that this is the time when the habagat (southwest monsoon) prevails in the archipelago. During this season, wind from the west side of the country causes hot and humid weather and frequent heavy rainfall. Hence, you may find yourself experiencing swift changes in the water level in the beach. If you are not a good swimmer, prepare to swim in Station 1 where break waters neutralize big waves before hitting the shores.

Watch over children. As a rule of thumb, do not entrust the safety of your kids to flotation devices. Kids must be supervised by adults at all times even though they are dipping in a shallow part of the beach. And never take your eyes off your children.  It only takes seconds for a child to drown.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicSwim sober. It goes by simple logic that swimming requires you to be fully awake and aware. Hence, do not engage in any water-related activity if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Plus, it follows that you do some stretching to prevent cramps, and that you have sufficient sleep to fully enjoy your experience.

Know your skill. If you have an unfinished course in swimming, then do not be foolishly brave in dipping in a depth uncomfortable to you. This rule applies more strongly if you had zero training in swimming. Do not compare your ability to Olympic athletes if you are barely a trainee.

Know proper breathing. The basic method is to not hold your breath, for this tenses the body and causes the brain to order you to breathe. Instead, exhale when you submerge, and inhale when you lift your head above the water; ensure that you control your exhalation in order to maintain your body position. 

Call for rescue to help. If you see someone in need of rescue, do not endeavor to be the hero and rescue the victim.  When in a drowning scenario, panic usually takes over, and you may end up being pulled underwater as well, even if you are a strong swimmer.  Swim in areas where there is a lifeguard on duty.

About the Author:
I am Kit Cruz. I write articles about the paradise island in the Philippines named as Boracay, to educate people what this world class beach can offer. Giving away some valuable traveling tips, news, guides and reviews of the best hotels and beach resorts in Boracay for accommodations as well as the Boracay Real Estate for property investments. 

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