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GINA’S BBQ EXPRESS: La Mejor barbacoa en la ciudad

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“Where would you like to eat?” My cousin Geralin asked us a propos. “Gina’s BBQ!” I answered excitedly.

I had this several attempts of experiencing the lip smacking taste of Gina’s barbecue ever since my couple friend Leia Bartolome and Yobs Tolentino, a highly advocate of the Food Blogger Industry recommended the grill to me. I could remember the foremost they introduced and brought me to the place and I was so much keyed up in a view of the fact that Gina’s BBQ is said to be “La Mejor Barbacoa en La Ciudad”.  However, it seems like time is consciously on a purpose of not letting me savor the moment for the reason that when we reached our destination, there’s no barbecue left even a single one. Not to mention it was like eight in the evening.
Yes! Above photo is the well-famed Pork Barbecue of Gina's. Thumbs up for a great taste!

Photo by: Yobz Tolentino
According to, (Quote)”the word “barbecue” was derived from a Taino Indian word that Spanish explorers said sounded like barbacoa. The Indian use of the word presaged today’s controversies by having multiple meanings. It was a cooking device, a storage device, a bedlike device, a shelter, and perhaps even the food cooked on the device.

Samuel Johnson, the British lexicographer, essayist, and editor included the word “barbecue”, spelled properly, in his landmark Dictionary of the English Language in 1755. It says:

To ba’rbecue. A term used in the West-Indies for dressing a hog whole; which, being split to the backbone, is laid flat upon a large gridiron, raised about two foot above a charcoal fire, with which it is surrounded.” (End of Quote)

Photo by: Yobz Tolentino
Lucky enough to salvage the moment, we hurriedly went to the nearby branch beside the Adventist Medical Center (formerly known as the Mindanao Sanitarium & Hospital). Once more, we ended up a bit sadden since the branch store was still close. The time was ticking at almost 4 in the afternoon and according to the personnel, the store opens at 5:30pm. We actually insisted to stay until the branch store will be opened a few hours then I remember there was another store located approximately 15-20 minutes from this branch. For a second time, we speed up to the place located at Pala-o.

And then, I experienced a sensation! “I’m feeling lucky today”, I thought.

“There’s a good chance you’ll be waiting for at least 20-30 minutes with this table before you taste the goodness of their barbecues.” My cousin Geralin explained. And I replied with a muse, “That would be okay since there is also a good chance of waiting patiently for something commendable, in a food situation for an instance”.

We ordered the best seller pork barbecue which is said to be the best tasting barbecue in town and grilled pork belly (Most likely known as Liempo). Of course, a great meal won’t be an excellent one without a duo so we included the Hanging Rice (Puso Rice).
Hanging Rice, most commonly known as the “Puso” rice is a Visayan originated type of rice wrapped by a simple tropical material called the “lukay” from coconut leaves and steamed (or boiled) until cooked. The etymology of the word “Puso” derived from the close palm-sized, most commonly addressed to ones heart. The word Hanging Rice, on the other hand, suggests by the idea that Puso is being hanged about.

With sister and Cousins after the eating a great meal! Yummy!
Approximately 20 minutes or so, our orders just arrived and I could feel the taste even while seeing the food. It’s like the scents emanating from that barbecue would instantly clue you to the idea of the scrumptious classy meal. At that moment, I indulged myself with the barbecues. First, one stick is tasteful, then I added one, then another piece, and another, and the next thing I could remember, I finished 6 delicious barbecue sticks and 5 hanging rice. Indeed, there’s a valid reason why people wait for 20-30 minutes for that one luscious stick of barbecue. Gina’s BBQ does everything for their barbecues to make it exceptionally well, but it tastes like something exceptionally-er better. Plus, the grilled pork belly will make you feel like a caveman gourmand. Hmmm, smoking hot! (Even if you’re not convinced with this factual statement, perhaps you will be convinced when you taste it yourself and understand why).
From L-R: My Sister Charity, Me and our cousin Geralin. Please don't mind the foreground image. Lmao

I wondered how they make such barbecues like marinating first the barbecue with right spices and herbs or adding a special ingredient and wine on the pork before the grilling process or are they relatively using a direct heat imparted by charcoal, a traditional grilling method using woods, or even using a propane fire designed for the purpose. Nonetheless of any sort of manner, Gina’s BBQ has been cultish hit for locals and even travelers who wished to taste the grilled meat. Henceforth, the store is a pilgrimage district for barbecue devotees.

But seriously though, go to Gina’s and tune out their famous barbecue. Just control your caveman gourmand feeling or eat enough to be laughably full.

Quick facts:
Gina’s BBQ Express was established last 2009 by family-owned woman named Gina. Gina started only with 2 kilos of pork barbecue which eventually the demand increased serving more than 50 kilos of pork barbecue every day. Since then, Gina’s exchanged blows to keep up the quality of each barbecue in that same manner of the increased demand.

Check them out at:
Yes Sir! A Salute with Fraternal Siblings Yobz Tolentino and Leia Bartolome
Yes! Thanks to their recommendation, I tasted Iligan's La Mejor barbacoa. With Yobz Tolentino and Leia Bartolome
Seriously, you really have to try Gina's BBQ. :)

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  1. When I was in America i test there Gina’s barbecue food items. They are on this address 2919 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96826, United States. It was very spicy and delicious.


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