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People are particularly biased towards the things they cherished and I am no exception. The island of Cebu has been my home for years and still, it keeps surprising me whenever I decide to take a break and re-explore my hometown.  Being the centre for commerce in the Visayas region, Cebu has a progressive economy, with towering buildings at the heart of the city. But even with the fast-paced lifestyle that bounds people in Metro Cebu, I enjoy the humble and old-fashioned style of living (where farming, taking care of livestock and fishing are the norm) that still lingers in its land. I take pleasure in its resorts and white-sand beaches, with diving spots, which are highly coveted by locals and tourists. I truly enjoy bracing myself for festivals and fiestas in Cebu, where people celebrate life and their respective patron saints, mingle with other people, and especially, prepare a buffet of dishes. I guess you could say that food is one of the many things that excites Filipinos. Owing to our rich Spanish, American and Asian heritage, which shaped the mixed tastes of Filipino cuisine, Cebu hotels offer another adventure for their guests. Hotels or lodging establishment of all kinds have now ventured into offering a different dining experience and avenue – the rooftop.

I compiled a list of different hotels, condominiums and residential buildings in general, that you could check out when in Cebu to enjoy the rooftop dining experience.

·Blu Bar and Grill (Marco Polo Plaza Hotel)
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·If you are a classy traveller, Blu Bar and Grill on Marco Polo Plaza Hotel is the place for you. They have a wide array of desserts, wine selections, cocktails, grilled food, and other luxurious treats. A flairtender is also available to entertain guests.  Since it is located in Nivel Hills, Cebu City, it has a stunning view of almost all of Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu-lapu City. Unlike other hotels, they are only open for a shorter period, from 6:30pm to 10:30pm only.

·Chips Cafe (Copenhagen Residences)
·For people living in the Northern part of Cebu, you dont have to travel far to get a gorgeous view of Cebu island. Located in Mandaue City, Chips Cafe offers a 360-view from Lapulapu City to Mandaue City as well as the neighbouring mountains of Cebu City.  They serve American food as well as the all-time Filipino favorites. You can choose either indoor or outdoor dining plus, they also have a bar to keep guests refreshed. Chips Cafe is great if you are after good food  and a better view of the ocean.

· Blue Elephant Sky Lounge (Apple One)

·Blue Elephant Sky Lounge is a Thai-cuisine inspired restaurant that also offers other Asian dishes you can try out in Apple One building near Ayala Cebu. They have an al fresco dining, which is closer to viewing the beautiful cityscape of Cebu and the indoor VIP lounge, perfect if in case the weather goes bad. You pay P 300 per head if you decide to dine in the al fresco area and P 350 per head if you eat inside the VIP Lounge. But no worries since these are consumable with both food and drinks. They are open from 5pm til 12mn.
·Highlights Lounge (Harolds Hotel)

·Harolds Hotel is a business hotel situated in Lahug, Cebu City. It has a gorgeous view of Metro Cebu. While other hotels designed their rooftop restaurants in dimmer lights with an exaggeration of colourful neon rays that upsurge the desire to get in the groove to the latest pop songs, other hotels, like Harold's went for a subtle yet intimate ambience, playing mellow, classic music They have an adjoining bar for liquor-enthusiasts. They are serving from 5pm to 12mn. Prices of the food is relatively affordable compared to other restaurants.
·Sinugba Bai (Holiday Plaza Hotel)

·The Sinugba means “grilled food”, while Bai is something that you would call a friend. So if you like grilled pork and seafood, Sinugba Bai is a definite for you. It also offers a Filipino fiesta-inspired aura, with nipa cottages adorned with colorful lights. Sinugba Bai also has a bar, if you are after some liquor to accompany your conversations. They are open from 6pm til midnight.
I don't know about you but I love being on rooftops, especially during the twilight hours,  wherein people can enjoy the different blend of hues that colour the sunset sky and welcome the cool breeze of the evening wind. It also gives me the opportunity to see Cebu in a different angle. That does not  mean that I don't enjoy the cityscape of Metro Cebu during daytime since I don't really mind bathing in the rays of the sun on a hot afternoon. I like hearing the distant sounds of vehicles. When looking for an accommodation, look for places where you can enjoy Cebu at a bird's-eye view. Its more peaceful up there and there's nothing better than adding food to the experience.

Note: This article is a guest post contributed by a Content Specialist from Copenhagen Residences. Additionally, the attached photos were submitted for reference. Please check below information about the author.

Roy Aznar worked as a reporter and news anchor for RPN TV 9, a local TV station in the Philippines. He is currently working at Iron Wood Property Ventures Corp. as its Public Relations Officer.

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  1. We are definitely looking forward to visiting Cebu! Thanks for the list of places to check out when we get there. It will certainly be helpful!
    Respectfully, Jenny & Bradley


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