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Article and Photos by: Clement Dampal II

Northern Mindanao, PHILIPPINES – The Municipality of Opol announced Apple Tree Resort and Hotel, the premier Resort and Hotel in Northern Mindanao, as the Champion of the 2nd Ostrich Festival’s Culinary Competition held last September 03, 2015 at Taboc Gym, Barangay Taboc, Opol, Misamis Oriental.
Apple Tree's Ostrich A la Burger
Participated by the Chefs/Cook coming from different establishments particularly in Opol namely Titing’s Kitchenette, Prawn House, Panagatan Restaurant, Seablings Restaurant, and Apple Tree Resort and Hotel competing for the 2nd Culinary Competition using the Ostrich meat as the main ingredient with this year’s theme: “Subayon ang usa ka tinguha hangtud nga magmalampuson”, the said competition was evaluated by qualified and experienced panel of judges started with Chef Candice Maureen Riconalla-Chan, and Chef Audrey C. Ramos, both from the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro joined by Chef Nelia B. Lee, President of COHARA (Cagayan de Oro Hotels and Restaurants Association) who served as the Chairman of the Board.
The 2nd Ostrich Festival Culinary Competition held at Taboc Gym, Taboc, Opol, Misamis Oriental
The Panel of Judges during the competitio
Criteria for Judging includes the presentation and general impression with 25% from the total score which stated that the dishes should be appetizing, pleasing, tasteful, and attractive and the meat slices should be in proportion. Composition about 25% includes the taste that should be in accordance to the national standards of nutritional values, color and flavor should enhance each other with the taste of the main ingredient that is the Ostrich meat and is naturally enhance. Another standard for evaluation includes the correct preparation of the dish at about 20% which includes the sanitary and hygienic handling of food and cleanliness in the working area. To sum up the 100% possible score, the X-Factor also known as the Local Captivating Name of the dish composes of 10% was included, wherein the dishes must have that “special something”.


Chef from Titing's Kitchenette
History suggests that in 1996, Mr Lorenzo U. Limketkai, an engineer together with his son Mr Heintje Limketkai started the business of ostrich farming in the Philippines and named it as the Philippine Ostrich and Crocodile Farms, Inc. becoming the pioneer of the Ostrich and Crocodile Industry in the country.

The father-and-son tandem bought their first three pairs of breeding Ostriches from Australia in July 1996 wherein Mr Heintje took a month-long training course on Ostrich farming on the said country. Soon after, the first Ostrich Farm was opened in Barangay Malanang, Opol, Misamis Oriental. Accordingly, the first Ostrich egg was laid on August 30, 1996, however, the hatching was a failure. A year after, a successful egg-hatching was celebrated for the first time in February 1997 as a live Ostrich chick hatched after a series of improvements of the egg-handling techniques and upgraded facilities. And the rest is history…
Apple Tree Resort and Hotel announced as the CHAMPION of the 2nd Ostrich Festival Culinary Competition

Ms Noemi Marla C. Cinco, the LGU Opol Tourism Officer excited to announced the winners of the said cooking competition. Panagatan Restaurant was hailed as the 2nd Placer while the Prawn House Restaurant proclaimed as the 1st Placer. Apple Tree Resort and Hotel on the other hand, the first timer of the said event declared as the Champion for the Ostrich Festival’s 2nd Culinary Competition garnered a 90.11 percentage of score.
Rey Colance and Ronel Caligang with the COHARA Officers

Apple Tree Resort and Hotel’s Chefs John Rey Colance and Ronel Caligang showcased their entries during the completion with these dishes: Ostrich Steak with mashed potato and honey-mustard sauce, Ostrich A la Hamburger and the Ostrich Kebab with Rice Pilaf that wowed the judges.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the 2nd Ostrich Festival Culinary Competition and have a Happy Fiesta to the Municipality of Opol!

More photos here: CLICK HERE >
Chef Audrey Ramos of Culinary Institute
of Cagayan de Oro (CIC)
Chef Audrey Ramos shares her comments to the
participated Chefs/Cook
Chef Nelia Lee (President of COHARA)
Chef Nelia Lee tasted one of the dishes during the 2nd Ostrich Festival Culinary Competition
Ms Candice Maureen Chan of Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro
John Rey Colance and Ronel Caligang of Apple Tree Resort and Hotel (ATRH)
Chefs from the SEABLINGS Restaurant
Chef from SEABLINGS Restaurant
Chef Audrey Ramos with the Chefs from the SEABLINGS Restaurant
Chefs from Titing's Kitchenette
Chef Nelia and Chef Candice with the Chefs of SEABLINGS Restaurant
Chef from Panagatan Restaurant

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