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Many Filipinos today have given up on living in Manila because of how stressful it can be. Well, stress is always going to be a partner of a city. Busy streets, sleepless noises, narrow places, and smoke are always present in the heart of Manila. Somehow, despite all the negativities Filipinos brand on Manila, condos in Manila have increased in number over the years. Today, even if Manila has become worse in terms of environmental aspects, the number of people who want to live there are still increasing. Why do you think this is happening?

Filipinos still want to live in Manila because of two important reasons. The first one is obvious. Manila offers thousands of high-paying jobs for thousands of people who want to land jobs that are better paying than those from other provinces. The second reason would be the countless unexplored tourist spots that are readily available near the city. People do not need to spend for airfare just to have that one exciting and cheap getaway.

You may be thinking if it is true that there are still pristine places near the busy Manila since the NCR is already a widely explored region. Well, there still are, and these places are heaven! Below are some unexplored tourist spots near Manila that could persuade you into living in the heart of the busy city.

1. The well-rounded Ilocos is there to give all your hearts wishes! Do you want to have a desert experiences just like those in Dubai? Ilocos has Paoay where Sand Dunes will make you think that you are in Dubai. Historical places are also many in Ilocos. Vigan has Crisologo Street. Go to Paoay Church and the Malacanang of the North! Have you seen Windmills already? If you have not yet seen one, go to the Bangui Windmills. Beaches? Ilocos has Blue Lagoon with its white sand beach and crystal waters. Many Filipinos from the rest of the country would pay for expensive airfares to just see the wonderful Ilocos, but if you are living in Manila, it will only take you one bus ride.
Photo courtesy: Rowie Agustin
2. Baguio City, Sagada, and Kalinga will always comfort your broken heart. Have you already eaten Strawberries? Baguio has a lot. Do you want to have a splendid view of marvelous Banaue Rice Terraces and the Pongas Falls? Sagada offers you the most strategic place to glimpse at those. Do you want to meet Whang-od, the oldest mambabatok in the country and have your traditionally printed tattoo? Well, you better go to Kalinga! These three distinct places are again very near Manila. One bus ride or travel on your personal car will right away take you there!
Photo courtesy: Liza Pratt
3. Do you want to brave huge waves and go surfing? La Union is just a few drive away! Since it is summer forever here in the Philippines, surfing is very doable at all times of the year. If people from other provinces still need to pay for airfare just to surf at La Union, people from Manila can just drive to La Union to surf over the weekend. How convenient is that?
Photo courtesy: Victor Villanueva
4. Laguna is a friend to all the Environmentalists. Do you want to fall in love with the Pagsanjan Falls? The Laguna Loop is more than welcome to accept visitors. The Pagsanjan Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines, and it is just a few hours away from the busy Manila. Moreover, after enjoying the view of the Pagsanjan Falls, you can always drop by the Enchanted Kingdom to reminisce your good old childhood.
Photo Courtesy: Tony Hidalgo
5. Camarines Norte offers people the beautiful Calaguas and Mercedes Islands. These islands are not yet that popular to people from other provinces. This is a good chance at checking them out while these islands are not yet that crowded. You may, of course, need to have a boat ride to the islands, but from Manila reaching Camarines Norte would not be a trouble. Calaguas and Mercedes Islands are pristine islands with the crystal clear waters and white sand beach. What a perfect place to have that ideal weekend getaway to get rid of stress.
Photo courtesy: Pia Danielle Pader
6. Zambales is also a well-rounded paradise. If you want to go camping near Mt. Pinatubo while reveling at the sight of Anawangin Cove, Zambales is the place to be.
Photo courtesy: Somebody Actually
Other than getting the perfect job, the second place you should consider in finding your ideal home is the options available near it. If you live in Manila, you now know that you have all those beautiful spots to comfort you after a week of work and stress. What else can you wish for?

Note: This article is a guest post contributed by Lem Zambrano. Additionally, the attached photos were submitted by the guest writer for reference. Please check below information about the author.

Author Bio: Lem is a blogger and he loves to travel to experience the beauty of his country Philippines. He is currently working in a SEO company in the Philippines to sustain his desire for travels.

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