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Sagpulon Falls: Jasaan’s Grandest Wonder

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Among the frequent attractions situated in the Municipality of Jasaan, one grand wonder can be found in Barangay San Isidro known by the locals as the Sagpulon Falls.

Sagpulon Falls situated at Barangay San Isidro, approximately 6.5 kilometers from the highway of Jasaan, and about 31-kilometer east of Cagayan de Oro City, is a natural waterfall with a towering elevation of approximately 150 feet cascading on a long vertical drop on a mossy wall embraced by the sprouting waters. Sagpulon Falls can be categorized into a Ribbon Waterfall and may somehow evolved and/or formed as a Horsetail Waterfall.

A Ribbon Waterfall is merely a toss in to encompass very thin or ephemeral waterfalls that have a very narrow stream but may fall over a long vertical drop resulting in its ribbon-like appearance. It is low flow, thin waterfall, often dropping great heights.

A Horsetail Waterfall is a waterfall that fan out as it drops into a steep slope but maintaining contact with the underlying cliff; descending water maintains some contact with bedrock.

Unknown by the many in the 60’s, Sagpulon Falls was said to be shrouded into the vast and thick forest of Solana hidden within its wilderness and concealing its remarkable beauty until it was discovered by chances in early 70’s. Later then, human intervened to his favor showcasing her charm to its visitors alike.

Extremely excited and seemed inquisitive, I got the chance to visit it myself last August 2015 when the Tourism Officer of Jasaan invited me to check it out personally after a business trip with my colleagues and verify the claim of being a spectacular waterfall. Moments later, we found ourselves on another passageway going to the vicinity since the walkway bridge was yet to be constructed or should I say refurbished to a well-made and secured path; approximately 50 meters from the Sagpulon Falls of uphill traverse.

Upon reaching the site where the Sagpulon Falls is located, I was on awe for a moment and thought for a second that it will most likely be a signature attraction of Jasaan. The immense elevation of Sagpulon caught me on astonishment with the water drops at an entirely vertical angle into the pool resulting in its ribbon-like appearance; A truly grandest wonder!

Reaching the Municipality of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental from Cagayan de Oro City is about 30 minutes by a private vehicle. On the other hand, a public transportation such as an Air-conditional/Non-Air-conditioned Utility Bus will transport you for about 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic condition and numbers of stop overs. That’s about 31 kilometers east from Cagayan de Oro City. Upon reaching the Municipality, make sure you ask the driver or the cabin assistance or as we call it “konduktor” to drop you off at Spring View Resort, the nearest landmark going to Sagpulon Falls. From there, feel free to hire a motorcycle known for the locals as “habal-habal” to take you to the waterfall.

The images were taken last August 2015. During this period, Sagpulon Falls was relatively closed for renovation and improvement by the local government. It was later then opened to the public around the first quarter of 2016. Hence, images on this article does not directly display an appearance to the current situation of the vicinity.
Me with my colleagues and the Tourism Officer of Jasaan.
The (re) construction of the bridge going to the Sagpulon Falls approximately 50 meters uphill.
The other passageway be traversed since the bridge is still under construction.
Uphill stairway going to the Sagpulon Falls.
The passageway going to the Sagpulon Falls.
One of the scenes we'd witnessed during our ocular visit.
Jasaan's Grandest Wonder- Sagpulon Falls

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