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The province of Surigao has been a nature's sanctuary, an oasis of magnificent destinations ready to be explored. With its myriad of natural and impressive beauty, and offers splendid experiences, it has been synonymous to enchantment, wondrous, and magnificent; explore the Enchanted River of Hinatuan or commune to the wonders of Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, take a break at the U-shaped Cagwait Beach or count the Islets of Britannia in San Agustin from daybreak to sundown, birdwatching at PICOP or try Cantilan and Lanuza's extreme sports such as the skimboarding and surfing. Somehow, Surigao is a traveler's paradise.
The seashore of Barangay Consuelo offers a landscape of island and islets while facing the great Pacific Ocean.
Apart from these well-known attractions, there are also places that are worth the visit in the province simply to be delighted either with families and friends, sing songs together, or getting lazy sun-kissing without the bustling crowd especially on a weekend.

It has been our tradition to spend the last week of Lent at the hometown of my wife in Surigao del Sur. We then normally celebrate the season of the Eastertide on a sunday at any beach destination within Surigao. This year, we decided to go and check out the beach of Consuelo, a barangay located in a 2nd class municipality of Cantilan- considered as the "Cradle of Towns" in Surigao del Sur.

We traveled an approximate of an hour from our place in Carmen going to Consuelo while riding a tri-cab with a moderate speed. Don’t you know that Surigao is well-known for the Skylab transportation? It’s a form of public transport where passengers are seated to the modified benches from side to side attached to the motorcycle.

When we arrived at Consuelo, we looked for a beach resort nearby and was blessed to have one despite the holiday which was prepared for us by the local residents. We were greeted with a good weather, and the scent of the ocean breeze is welcoming. “Ah, what a great Sunday!” I whispered while smelling the wind.
On the left side of where we were situated, can be found the docking area of Consuelo.
With an off white coral sand beaches, the seashore of Barangay Consuelo offers a landscape of island and islets while facing the great Pacific Ocean. On the left side of where we were situated, can be found the docking area for small and medium-sized sea transports for both passengers and vessels including the Huyamao Island also enclosed with the coral white sands, fronting the islet of Casarica.
The Huyamao Island enclosed with the coral white sand, fronting the islet of Casarica.
A few moments after unpacking our stuff, my little one hurriedly invited me to take a stroll at the shoreline which I happily acknowledged. From this point of our tête-à-tête or the father-daughter bonding experience with the sun’s sweltering heat, I noticed that the islets facing the oceanfront can be reached through a walk as the tide is still low, and I thought for a minute, “How about a walk to remember?” which my lovely wife responded with doubt, “Can we?”. Good thing my brother in law said with excitement, “Sure! After taking our lunch” which our parents prepared sumptuous meals for us to consume- the locally done Kinilaw with malasugue fish, Grilled pork and fish also known as Sinugbang baboy, and sinugbang isda, complemented with buko juice, pineapples and watermelons, and one of my favorite kakanin “biko”.
My little one hurriedly invited me to take a stroll at the shoreline which I happily acknowledged.
Meanwhile, while my little one was busy with her imaginative thoughts by building her own sandbar castle, I managed to take a sneak peek of the facing islets, and checked out the vicinity through an aerial survey at 266 feet above. From what I had observed, I was amazed that the three fronting islets can certainly be reached by passing the low-tide seawater. My brother-in-law and my wife’s kin who were similarly enthusiastic, tried passing the seawater and managed to reach the islet while checking out the vicinity.

After examining the surrounding, the two of them went back to where we were staying and affirmed that going to the islet is somehow safe. This has to be done as my little one wanted to check it herself as well. A moment or two, we decided to walk by, try it, and found ourselves passing the seawater. Few meters from the shoreline, we noticed that marine plants are abundant together with a school of fish. My little one was so excitedly and cheerful; we managed to reach the islet safely.
Few meters from this islet while the tide is low.
When we arrived at this islet, I have also noticed that different bird species are thriving such as the White-collared Kingfishers, Terns, Frigatebirds, Egrets, even a Brahminy Kite who was circling the shoreline suspecting that my drone was also a feathered species I imagined. Additionally, I stealthily managed to take a photo documentation of the Eastern Reef-Egret on dark phase (Egretta alba) while the bird was having its loud guttural croak. On the other hand, I had also observed that these islets were shaped by the sea waves crafted through time resulting to the wonderful rock formations.
The Eastern Reef-Egret on dark phase (Egretta alba) 
Brahminy Kite circling the shoreline
I was about to do an aerial survey again but as the wind is strengthen from moderation, and the sea is about to rise, we just took few snapshots, and decided to go back to the beachfront. And when we finally arrived at the shore, the sea was about to escalate its tide.
My lovely wife and our precious little one.
With contentment, I found myself swimming its current, singing our favorite songs, having fun, and appreciating the simplest of things with my family. And while enjoying the approaching sunset I said to myself, “They are what I cherish the most, not letting those special times pass us by unnoticed”.

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