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Islas de Gigantes’ Isla Pulupandan and its Solitary Tree

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It was 8:35 in the morning when we sail our way into the Gigantes Group of Islands from the port of Bancal in the town of Carles which is said to be the most convenient jump off point and fastest way to get to our destination.
Photo captured by: Angel Estera
The warmth of the morning light whispering the approaching wind, and the sound of the vessel pushes through our way to the first stop- the Isla Pulupandan as the local dwellers call it.

On our way to the first island while seeing from afar, travelers will certainly notice this islet with a lone coconut tree that spells nothing but peacefulness amidst solitarily. Then, we landed safely at Isla Pulupandan from an hour of sea travel.
The solitary tree of the Isla Pulupandan
In the calmness of the morning, we descended from our boat with anticipation and quickly checked out what lies within this islet. Anyone can observed this coconut tree that is said to be a lone survivor from the wrath of super typhoon Haiyan with the local name of Yolanda. Accordingly, there used to be 2 coconut trees however one remained and escaped the devastation of that terrible days. Although it paid an awful price, this solitary survivor standing dazed in the middle of the islet has become an image of the island, an own identity that represents exclusivity.

Isla Pulupandan, a small off-white with a slight tint of yellow coral-like island is used to be a traditional resting ground for fisher folks with nothing but a shanty and the lone tree in the middle. However, at one end of the islet stand atop the amazing sea stacks. These rocks provide a panoramic sight of this less than a hundred meter islet, and surprising perspective of the adjacent islands.

From there, we had our photo documentation, and after staying more than half an hour, we decided to go to our next destination- the Cabugao Gamay Island.

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Isla Pulupandan is part of the official itinerary of the Islas de Gigantes Tour provided by Tour Operators. It was our first stop to the Gigantes Group of Islands.

Our Iloilo Trip was made possible by AirAsia Philippines, and part of its Iloilo Inaugural Flight from Cagayan de Oro City.
Photo captured by: Angel Estera
Photo captured by: Pearly Jane Cabudoy of

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