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Cagayan de Oro's Macahambus Cave

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Macahambus Cave is the most popular and most frequently visited cave in Cagayan de Oro City since the cave itself is absolutely a historically picturesque spot.

Macahambus Cave is a "thru" cave, which means it can be entered at one end and exited at the other.

It has three chambers, the hide-out and exit of Kagay-anon soldiers and their families in the Battle of Macahambus Hill which marked the first victory of the Filipinos against the Americans in the entire Phil-American War in this nation in 1900.

On the center part of the cave, you need to bend your knees for you to enter the other part of the cavern which you'll see the Cagayan de Oro River.

The cave provides a great view of Cagayan de Oro River.

The Hon. Vicente Y. Emano City Mayor strongly urges all visitors to keep the cave and its surroundings clean, support its preservation, nurture and promote this beautiful gift and historical legacy for future generations.

I am proud to be a Kagay-anon!

Macahambus Cave is located at Macahambus Hill, Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City. From the Airport (Cagayan de Oro Lumbia Airport), you can ride a jeepney (Talakag route) or better yet, ask the taxi drivers to take you there though it costs a lot. Take note, there's no entrance fee. It's free!

This is actually one of our side trips during our White Water Rafting Adventure.

Check our photos below!

(Inside the cave)
(The side exit part of the Macahambus Cave)
(Allan the guide is welcoming the tourists with his funny stuff. He really knows how  to crack some jokes.)

(The cave is still a sanctuary of bats,spiders, and lizard geckos.)

(A view from the veranda of the cave-The Cagayan de Oro River. This is actually the last major rapid of the White Water Rafting Adventure)
(The Macahambus Cave souvenir shop)


  1. i love macahambus cave...i experience how enjoyable,fun, excitement,etc.. that i can't imagine...i want to try it again..

  2. it is my fist time to get inside a cave and it was amazing experience, and if i get a chance to visit cagayan again i will definitely go to see macahambus cave., :-) thnx clement for posting our pix., luv eet

  3. @Kakay= Thanks for the comment kay. Stay updated!

    @Jessica= Hi Jess. Really? Wow! I never thought of it. And yeah, I believe you really enjoyed your stay and tours here in Cagayan de Oro City. Well, you actually experienced and visited most of its wonders-Zipzone Dahilayan Adventure Park, White Water Rafting Adventure, Divine Mercy Shrine, and Pueblo de Oro Golf and Country Club. Well, about the photos, you're welcome. I am actually making our experience during the White Water Rafting Adventure and there are more photos out there. Lmao. Thank you again for the comment Jess. See you on your next trip!

  4. Since we're in the same group who marveled the famous cave in Cagayan De Oro, i can say that it is really a historically picturesque spot as you have said. When we reached the other side of the cave, it is pretty amazing that we can see the famous Cagayan De Oro river over. It doubles my excitement to embrace the extreme rapids that White Water Rafting will give us :) I also enjoyed the time when we exited the cave through it's side part. and oh, the gecko is a plus factor me :) Actually, I had a great time and I enjoyed this adventure especially the White Water Rafting. I am very thrilled :)

  5. @Regina= Hi Reg! I am so happy to know that you really enjoyed your trip here in Cagayan de Oro especially your experience in White Water Rafting adventure. See you on your next trip!

  6. i wish someone will bring me there! ;D honey?? haha

  7. @ Ainee Cubelo= Don't worry honey, I will bring you there someday. We will be going there and even we will experience the White Water Rafting Adventure. :)

    Count Clement II
    Site Owner


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