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A guest post by Marc Castro of

Wherever in the world one is in, where to eat is a perennial issue. And in each location, there are many restaurants that trumpet themselves as the best one in the region. For the food connoisseur, there are basic criteria to determine what is a must go restaurant. These include great food, great service and great ambiance.

Many restaurants have one or two of these qualities but to have all three means that the restaurant is truly a dining experience in the area. So, when you are in the Philippines, the following are the must go restaurants in the Philippines.

Antonio’s Restaurant in Tagaytay 

In having a meal at Antonio’s, it is truly a dining experience well worth remembering. The service is comparable to world-class hotels where all your needs are taken cared of without even asking for it. The place is cradled by nature where even the restroom is being one with nature. This provides a positive overall atmosphere not only when dining but also after one leaves the restaurant.

The food is patiently prepared and once served is a feast for the senses. There are no overpowering artificial tastes and all ingredients are the cream of the crop and are fresh. Aside from the meal, wine and other drinks are available to your taste. As for the main course, there are many to choose from, but the favorites are Salad with Foie Gras, the steak selection, sea bass and the soufflé dessert.

Isla Naburot in Guimaras 

Photos of Isla Naburot, Guimaras Island

(This photo of Isla Naburot is courtesy of TripAdvisor)

This island restaurant is exotic as well as bountiful. The electrical power of the whole island is collected through solar panels, thus limiting the lighting in the rooms. Other electrical appliances are limited, but with the overall ambiance, other things seem very far away. One can spend the day lounging on the beach, playing traditional Filipino games and spending time away from the rat race with the loved ones.

Photos of Isla Naburot, Guimaras Island

(This photo of Isla Naburot is courtesy of TripAdvisor)

Because of the restaurant’s natural surroundings, all the ingredients used in the food served are fresh from nature’s bounty. Seafood is the main fare in the menu and these are patiently grilled to retain all their natural sweetness and flavors. Almost all meals come with the local favorite, sinamak vinegar. Fruits are in abundance and the world-renowned Guimaras mangoes are always available. The best time to be at the island is during summer and this is the best getaway for both the body and the mind for an individual seeking refuge.

Photos of Isla Naburot, Guimaras Island

               (This photo of Isla Naburot is courtesy of TripAdvisor)

Bale Dutung in Pampanga

In the Capampangan dialect, Bale Dutung means Wooden House and this restaurant located in Pampanga is owned and operated by artist Claude Tayag. Upon being seated, one is served steamed peanuts in their shell, bringing back memories of childhood. The restaurant is filled with artistic works of Claude Tayag, adding to the overall dining experience.

The main menu consists of Capampangan fare, such as adobo, giniling and other meat dishes. While waiting, the proprietors would regale diners with the history of Bale Dutung. The delicacy of the place is burong dalag (fermented catfish) with mustasa (mustard leaves) while the all time favorite is the Arroz, the native version of paella. The meal is topped off with a simple dessert made of smoked ube, camote and macapuno drenched in sweet carabao milk pastillas. Clearly, the restaurant is a true delight, as the artistry is not just on the walls, but also with the meals and the history of Bale Dutung.

Marc Castro is an online editor for the popular community site, www.expatforum.comHe is based in the Philippines. His legal background gives him the ideal skills needed to research and write great material for

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  1. One of my favorite place to go Bale Dutung in Pampanga, I love the food there.

    nuvali laguna

  2. Wow! That restaurant is really relaxing place and the I love the views here. I think those foods are all delicious, can't wait to visit this restaurant.


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