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Tips For Traveling In Big Cities

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A guest post by Sadettin Yalcin of

Traveling in big cities can be a positive experience in a different way.  Yet it can be stressful, chaotic and most important dangerous.  In big cities like New York City, Barcelona and Hong Kong, you always need to be aware of the people around you, especially when you travel alone. That is why individual travelers do not visit big cities that often. Although by taking a few pre-cautions you can make your trip easier and safer. 

To help you out there in the big cities here are some tips you can follow:

  • Luggage
The golden rule for your luggage in big cities is to take only what you need. You should leave your valuables locked up safely in your hotel room .This is a comfortable way of travelling but it also enables you to find what you need in emergency. You should never leave your luggage out of sight as it will be gone in a few seconds.

  • Money
Do not take all of your credit cards with you while you are travelling in big cities. Only take a few with you and make you that you do not have your PIN numbers in possession. If you have cash money with you try to divide the money into different pockets. For example put some in a pocket of your bag and the rest in your sock.  If you got robbed of the money in your bag you always have the one in your sock for emergency.
  • Clothing
If you travel in big cities the chance you got mugged is bigger than usual. The number one travel rule is to not dress up like a tourist. Do not wear any jewelry or clothing that shows your wealth this will make you more vulnerable for thieves and you will put yourself at risk.

  • Attitude

When travelling alone act confident and always act like you know what you do and where you have to go even if you don’t! Avoid looking in maps in the middle of the city. A touristic attitude can wake up the attention of thieves and they will start following you. Even with all these pre-cautions someone start following you there are some things you can do. For example duck in to a shop and wait until the person passed the shop. If you see that he is hanging outside and like waiting for you do not hesitate to ask the shop owner for help. Because of this feeling of getting mugged in big cities often lead to false alarm. But you can always prevent this kind of incidents.

Bio Sadettin is a huge fan of travel and blogs for, who provides holiday rentals in New York City.


  1. Woww..This is really helpfull and interesting. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great article. Really enjoyed reading it and some really good tips. Very useful


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