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General Douglas MacArthur Marker

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One of our itineraries during our Cagayan de Oro (CDO) City Tour is the General Douglas MacArthur Marker. Actually, I felt like historically inclined while visiting this place.

General Douglas MacArthur Marker is located at the edge of the Macabalan Wharf, Cagayan de Oro City.  The thing about this marker is that it commemorates 2 significantly historical events of Cagayan de Oro City. First is the Philippine-American War wherein the Kagay-anons (people of CDO) fortified the wharf against the American invaders from January to March of 1900. Secondly, General Douglas MacArthur with his family arrived in Macabalan Wharf riding the Patrol Torpedo (PT) 41 boat with submarines from Corregidor Island. According to Choi Cagayan de Oro's article entitled "Gen. MacArthur Marker inauguration at the Macabalan Wharf Cagayan de Oro City" which is mainly based on history, "General Douglas MacArthur landed in Macabalan Wharf aboard PT 41 boat under the command of Lieutenant John Duncan Bulkeley. Extremely pleased with Bulkeley’s effort to steer their boat clear from the sight of their Japanese enemies, Gen. MacArthur reportedly declared, “Bulkeley, I’m giving every officer and man here the Silver Star for Gallantry. You’ve taken me out of the jaws of death and I wont forget it.” A Cagayanon, then Capt. Fidencio Laplap, now 87 years old and still alive, is one of those who were later awarded the Silver Star for gallantry promised by Gen. MacArthur. After landing at the Macabalan Wharf, MacArthur, together with his family and military entourage then proceeded to Del Monte Clubhouse for his departure to Australiaon a B-17 Flying Fortress where he made the famous declaration, “Upon orders of the President of the United States, I came through the Japanese blockade, and I shall return.” 
The MacArthur Marker in Macabalan boasts of a replica of MacArthur’s PT 41 Boat donated by the Kagay-anon International, and the marker it self which could probably land in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the biggest hat in the world.
Meanwhile, Mayor Jaraula takes pride in the realization of the MacArthur Marker project as an evidence of a strong partnership between the city government and the private sector in an effort to promote Cagayan de Oro to the global community."

The Marker actually has an 8 meters in diameter, 5 meters in height, and is made of fiberglass  and steel. What's nice about this marker is that it is closely the same to the original cap of General MacArthur with the emblem of the US Armed Forces and an eagle with laurels on its visor and the sides of the cap. Thus, it is the replica of the original cap! Plus, the marker as well features the Patrol Torpedo (PT) boat which was ridden by the General. To add it, "the marker has actually sits atop five stars which serve as the marker's foundation to represent General MacArthu's rank as a five-star general. Each of these five stars imprinted the history of what happened during the General MacArthur's landing at the Macabalan Wharf on March 13, 1972 at 7 a.m. as well as the names of the benefactors who provided funds for the construction of the markerThe Manila Times".

Check the photos below for your references.

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