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3 Ways to Shop While Saving Money

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A guest post by: Erin Prickett

With the U.S. economy making a sluggish come-back, hesitant shoppers cautiously pull out their wallets and grapple with the question, “Is it better to spend or save?”  Well, maybe the answer is both.

A little retail fever could potentially nurse our economy back to health.  That being said, people must change how they spend.  The smartest shoppers do their research.  They compare prices, search for online discounts and coupon codes, and ultimately resolve the ‘tug-of-war’ between spending and saving by letting both sides win.

So what are some tips for the smart shopper of 2011?

1.     Don’t be afraid of turning into your mother (or stay-at-home father).  The domestic diva/dude knows best.  Parents have mastered the art of research; they store hop to compare prices, read the paper for upcoming discounts and sales, and have no shame snipping out coupons for groceries, apparel, or other household necessities.  Teenagers smirk and make snide comments about their parents’ seemingly silly and terribly humiliating behavior, but teens are actually insecure, outrageously hormonal idiots.  It’s a fact.  They will soon realize how brilliant their moms and dads are for taking a few extra minutes to save a few extra dollars every day.  Small savings have enormous rewards long-term.  So emulate parents by doing research, comparing prices, and overcoming the shame of coupon clipping.  Time is money.

2.     Your computer is a friend with benefits.  In today’s digital age, the computer is everyone’s best friend.  The online world invites people of all ages to connect with one another, explore new ideas, and access information quickly and effortlessly.  One can spend hours creeping on Facebook, reading witty remarks on Twitter, or watching endless YouTube clips, but when it comes to spending a few minutes to find coupons, people don’t seem to have the time or desire.  What a shame!  Online sites, like CheapSally.com, are a fast and easy way to save money.  They merge deals together from all over the country and offer incredible discounts that can be used for both online and in-store shopping.  Sometimes, it’s as easy as clicking on the code and automatically receiving free shipping on an item.  So don’t neglect this online friend with benefits.

3.     Don’t be dissuaded by Brand names.  Everybody loves a good designer purchase, but sometimes those Tory Birch flats, Jimmy Choo heels, and Coach purses burn serious holes in people’s wallets.  It makes sense, though.  The better the quality, the bigger the name, the more expensive the product.  That said, people can invest in nice things, and they can do it wisely.  This is when #1 and #2 (see above) really prove useful.  Know exactly what it is you want.  Is it that stunning pair of Via Spiga boots staring you down at Macy’s every week?  Or possibly that beautiful Fossil watch sparkling to get your attention?  Well, don’t look so defeated!  People can and should buy something they absolutely love, but before doing so, they must always look for a way to save.  There are a plethora of coupon codes online that offer great deals on designer brands. 

Moral of the story: be a smart, humble shopper.  No need to feel embarrassed for using coupons.  You’ll have the last laugh, and you’ll probably be sipping on a pina colada in Maui.  What else were you going to do with all the money you saved?

Erin Prickett is a fashion enthusiast and bargain hunter.  She enjoys finding great deals on apparel, shoes, jewelry and accessories and recommends using the newest coupon codes at CheapSally.com to save on this season’s hottest fashions.   

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