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The 1 Million Gecko Lizard

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"TU-KO! TU-KO! TU-----KO!" Have you ever heard of such sound made by this animal named lizard gecko? Or even seen a real one? Well, you will be lucky enough to own one. 

In the Philippines, the gecko lizard is known as "TUKO" which is most likely lived in the nook and cranny of native houses.

What's the craze about this animal here in the Philippines is that it could be your ticket to a millionaire's dream life. Why? because it has a rumor that this TUKO costs 10,000 php to millions of pesos in black market. Well, sounds weird yet fantastic! Imagine, you can be an instant millionaire. But the thing here is, why did they really buy this tuko? What is really the reason why it is in demand to the black market?

Thanks to the Internet, you can just easily find the answers to your questions. But for my part, it is through the ABS-CBN News. As the news stated, the "tuko" "could" be a cure to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) even cancer. It actually has a medicinal power. I just hope it is true. I also learned that this "tuko" is a sort of "carrier" of prohibited drugs which the drugs is being employed to its body. 

Michael P. So of SUNSTAR with his article entitled "Caught in the Net, So: 'Tuko', anyone?"  stated that:
“They” could be medical researchers in search of the cure of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Aids) or cancer or erectile dysfunction. I read in one personal blog that the gall bladder and tongue of the gecko lizard have healing powers. I can’t say if this is true, given the limitation of time I got to do my own reptilia research.

“They” could be the guys who make those prohibited drugs. What, they’ll powderize the tuko and use it as an ingredient substitute in shabu?
“They” could be those idle guys who, bored with spider fights, move on to tuko fights.
There’s more suspense and thrill in tuko fights. Lizards in combat can put on an erotic show with all those tongue flicking, tail jerking and body bashing. And their bulging eyes express their concentration on the other tuko as if to say, “Your barks are numbered.” Tuko! Tuko! tuko. tuko. tuk. tu. t!
Or “they” could be this Asian race now invading the Philippines. It is said by anonymous sources in the tabi-tabi that this “they” find tuko soup delicious and nutritious and that they’d be willing to pay good money for good tuko. Should I believe this? I mean, should we always attribute anything unusual happening in our midst to this race? Yes."
Same with Michael, I myself suffered from Asthma when I was a kid and I can still remember about "tuko" being a cure". I even remember when this "tuko" started to make its sound, then we count the numbers of its sound. The lizard gecko in the picture actually is owned by us. Luckily, we have almost 10 lizard gecko. :)


  1. wow! nice one honey..

    i was actually with you when you took the shot ;D and even ate chat felt scared when she saw that lizard! ;D hahaha

  2. @Ainee Cubelo = Thank you honey! Yeah! she's actually scared and can't even looked at it....hahaha.

    Count Clement II
    Site Owner


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