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13 Cheap Travel Tips for Business

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A guest post by: Laura Murphy of NovaCarHire.com

If you travel often for business, you’re probably aware of the extra costs of travelling that many day-to-day travellers don’t consider. Luckily, there are also many ways you can save money – especially if your business trip is a short one and you're ok with cheap car hire.


Taken at the Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
during the Philippine Tourism Congress last November 2011.
Below, we've put together some of our favourite savings tips for the business traveller-and how you can get in on them:

  • Don’t check a bag. Taking a short trip? Pack everything into rolling luggage that will fit as a carry on. Paying a baggage fee both ways quickly adds up.
  • Get “status.” If you need to check a bag, check with the airline to see if your frequent flyer miles have earned you an elite level status. Many times, these individuals can check one bag free of charge.
  • If you rent a car, ask for a free upgrade. Choose a compact car, but ask for an upgrade when you arrive at the rental agency. They often give it free of charge if you’re a frequent customer.
  • Avoid valet. Valet parking comes at a premium rate – and although it’s the most convenient, avoid it when you can. Instead, use an off-site parking lot.
  • Take the subway or bus. Those unfamiliar to a city often take a taxi because they think it’s the easiest way to get from Point A to Point B. Instead, consider public transportation. Instead of paying a hefty cab fare, you may get to your destination for a fraction of the cost.
  • Avoid the mini-bar. If you’re hungry late at night, the mini-bar in your room might seem quite welcoming. But, instead of paying a big mark-up, find your hotel’s vending machine. Even better, pack snacks before you leave home.
  • Buy a monthly Wi-Fi package. Airports usually charge a premium for wireless Internet when you buy it per day. If you know you’ll be traveling frequently over the next few months, buy a monthly package instead.
6 Tips for Meeting Planners
If you’re a meeting planner for a large company, many costs can be cut when planning the meeting. Here’s how:
  • Book early. We understand that things come up last minute. But if you know about your employees’ trip in advance, check flights early. It’s likely you’ll be able to get in on much better deals.
  • Fly on off-peak days. When possible, fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The airports will be less busy (less chance of a missed flight), and flights will usually be less expensive.
  • Opt for an extended stay hotel. Accommodations designed for long-term stays usually have kitchens and a larger living space. Instead of going out for each meal, run to the market down the street and pick up a few things you can make a quick meal with. And, if your company pays you a stipend for each meal, you could even go home with some extra money.
  • Choose a hotel with free Wi-Fi. If employees bring their laptops, it’s likely they’ll need Internet access throughout the trip. When you can, find a hotel that offers access free of charge.
  • Choose a hotel with a complimentary breakfast. Spend time looking for a hotel that serves a hearty complimentary breakfast that your employees can enjoy before heading off to their meetings.
  • Plan lunch meetings instead of dinner meetings. Lunches at a nice restaurant are much less expensive than dinner. When scheduling client meetings, try planning them during lunchtime instead.
Implementing even just a few of these suggestions next time you fly for business can help save you quite a bit of money along the way. Remember, even the small things add up quickly.
About the Author:
Laura Murphy has lead the eclectic vagabond life, traveling here and there and now has settled into the perfect gig for the perpetual itinerant: writing for the cheap car hire site NovaCarHire.com! She's learned a thing or two about saving money on travel and hopes you follow her on her quest to share her lessons with folks who have a traveler's heart, if not the budget.


  1. thanks for sharing these tips. anything to save money will alway be a big help. :)

    1. Hi!

      You're always welcome. Yes, saving money is indeed a great help to travelers, especially those who are in a budget.

      Enjoy your trip here in my travel site.

      Best regards,
      Count Clement II
      Site Owner

  2. Beautifully written.I'm very glad to see your post. Loved it.Travel brings power and love back into your life.

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