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Visiting the Taal Volcano

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A guest post by: Logan of

If you’re visiting Manila and want a respite from the city, you should consider traveling 31 miles south to visit the Taal Volcano. From the top crater of the volcano, you have a chance to take in a breathtaking view of Lake Taal and the surrounding terrain. The Taal Volcano is an active volcano and is very destructive force in the Philippines when it erupts.  However, when this volcano is calm, it is one of the best places to visit thanks to its peaceful location in the midst of gorgeous scenery. 

If you’re interested in visiting the Taal Volcano on your trip to the Philippines, here’s what you should know about it:

- Before you make the 31-mile drive to visit the Taal Volcano, you’ll need to ask locals about the activity status of the volcano. Needless to say, you don’t want to end up visiting on the day it erupts!

- You’ll need to take a 45-minute boat ride across a lake to get to the part of the island of Luzon where the volcano stands. Some people opt to take a jet charter instead of a boat, which is much faster. The prices of the boat rides vary based on whether you’re a local or a tourist. If the operators of the boat can tell you’re not from the Philippines, they’ll likely charge you a little bit more for the ride, but the price won’t be exorbitant.

- Once you make it across the lake, you’ll either need to hike to the top of the volcano or take a horse up. Hiking up the volcano takes around 45 minutes and isn’t the best idea unless you’re in super good shape. There are plenty of horses available for you to rent. If you decide to rent a horse, a guide will ride on a horse with you to the top of the volcano and lead the horses up the correct path.

- When you reach the top of the volcano, there will be plenty of vendors selling food and drinks. So, you can grab a cocktail and some longganisa and pick a spot at the top to enjoy the beautiful view!

About the Author: Logan Baker is an adventurer who is always looking for his next great destination.


  1. I want to visit Taal. I was born, raise and living here but I am not familiar with the different scenery in the country. I will try my best to visit those beautiful places.

  2. wow! nice pic.i'd never seen a pic of taal volcano na close up.

  3. wow!nice pic of taal.i'd never seen a picture of taal na close up.


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