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GUEST POST: Worst 10 Common Expenses That Take Travelers by Surprise

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A Guest post by: Emily Steves

Planning for a vacation is not an easy task. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration, all requiring a certain amount of expenditure. You should, therefore, carry out extensive research before planning for any particular type of trip.

You also have an option of getting a travel agent plan for your vacation which would include all the necessary costs that you will have to pay. Eclipse Leisure can take the hassle out of organizing your stag weekend. They offer you deals according to your specifications
Mentioned below are the worst 10 common expenses that may surprise travelers:

1. Visa Fees
Visa fees are essential when planning to travel to some major countries. You can visit the consulate’s website to check for the visa fees that will be applicable to you on the basis of the country you’ve selected.
2. Departure Taxes
Departure taxes are one of the components that comprise the overall price of an airline ticket. They are usually applicable on international flights. Many countries charge a departure tax, and at times it is not included in the price of the airline ticket.
3. Exit Fees
When the departure tax is not included in the ticket price, an individual is required to pay an ‘exit fee’ on his way back to his home country. The exit fee varies according to the country from where you are departing.  You can visit the airport’s websites to check if an exit fee is applicable to you.
4. Resort Fees
Some of the resorts charge fees for the basic necessities they provide that might at first seem free of cost. For example, daily newspaper, in-room coffee, pool towels, etc. Often these type of fees that are charged by the resorts are non-negotiable, which means that you will have to pay for them even if you don’t use the things that you have been charged for.
5. Additional Fees for Facilities
Some resorts may even charge additional fees if you wish to use their facilities, for example, casino, tennis court, etc. Therefore, before selecting a particular resort for your stay, carefully consider all the aspects of the fees charged by that particular resort.
6. Cruise Gratuities
Often the price of meals is inclusive in the different types of cruise deals offered by cruises. One downside is that, although you would've pre-paid for all the meals, you might still have to pay some charges before reaching the final port. These charges, or gratuities, are basically charged for various services that are provided to you on the cruise. For example, the serving of meals by the cruise staff, etc.
7. Additional Fees
Some of the major cruises automatically charge the people on board a certain amount of fee as gratuities. This fee is for each day that they spend on the cruise. If the cruise is hosting a carnival, a certain amount is required to be paid to the staff of the cruise as a tip on per day and per person basis. In addition to all this, a 15% charge is added to an individual’s bar tab.  
8. Baggage Fees
Some airlines charge a certain amount of fee on the baggage an individual carries for a trip. The charge may be levied on the excess luggage, carry-on bags or checked bags. The amount charged varies between these airlines. Therefore, before selecting any particular airline for your travel, make sure to check for their baggage fees and policies on their website.
9. Money Exchange
There are certain foreign exchange bureaus that charge higher fees as compared to the ATMs for foreign currencies. Therefore, before setting out for shopping or going to have dinner or lunch, stop at a foreign exchange bureau if you are short of the local foreign currency.  
10. Foreign Transaction Fees
This foreign transaction fee is charged on airline tickets by the credit card companies. If you are using your credit card to purchase an airline ticket that has a cost in some other foreign currency and not in your local currency, you will be required to pay a certain amount of fee.

One of the best ways to get a planned trip is by opting for travel agents. These agents have experience in the travel industry and can provide you with best deals. 

About the Author:
Emily Steves has traveled extensively throughout the world. She likes to explore the world, and through her articles that she shares with her regular readers. She recommends that you can book your stag vacation from Eclipse Leisure which can take the hassle out of organising  your stag weekend.

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