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GUEST POST: Some Travel Tips

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A Guest post by: Mark Sanchez

If you are going on travel, then its important to keep a few things in mind. For instance, if you are going to be traveling to a conservative culture then you must make sure that your attire does not offend the locals or that you unknowingly broke a local law which you were not aware of. In this article we have brought together some important travel tips.

1) Obey The Laws Of The Land
When in Rome, Do Like The Romans. How very true. When you are traveling in foreign lands you must be aware of the local laws and you must obey them even if they seem bizarre and even unjust when compared to the laws of your own country.
2) Keep a Copy of Important Documents
Make a copy of all your important documents such as passport and insurance details. Keep one set of copies at home. It will come handy is ever your originals are lost. When going out, keep a copy in a bag in the hotel and carry one copy with the originals with you. 
3) Be Aware about The Visa Details

When you overstay your welcome in a country, then the authorities have the right to detain you and in such a case there isn't much your country's embassy can do, It is unfortunate when it happens but it does happen. Always make sure you have the right visa and remember to get out before the visa expires. 

4) Get vaccinated

Find out which vaccination are needed to enter a country and get some vaccination done even if it is not an entry requirement just in case. This information if often available in the travel advisory issued by your government. 

5) Check Travel Advisory

Your country issues travel advisory regarding touring foreign countries from time to time. Always make sure you have the updated copy of the advisory and try to follow them. 

6) Don't Carry Medicines Which Aren't allowed

Not all medicines are allowed everywhere and if caught with banned medicines you can be fine or imprisoned or both depending on the local laws. Make sure in advance which medicine is allowed in the country you are planning on touring before packing them with you. 

7) Don't Make Friends Too Soon

Meeting the locals and exploring new lifestyles is a major part of traveling but one needs be cautious when making friends in a foreign land. Be friendly but don't overdo it. In certain countries citizens are not allowed to keep foreigners under their roof without informing the police first so make sure not be staying in some one's home without notifying the authorities. As a general rule of thumb, always meet people in restaurants, hotel lounge or other crowded place and avoid traveling with any new acquaintance for long. 

8) Be Yourself 

When you are in a foreign country the locals know that you are a foreigner. And that might be a good thing. Don't try to wear clothes that the local wears and try talking in the local tongue as most people cannot pull it off without offending the local population. Even with the best of intentions, the local might mistake your behavior as a puerile interpretation of their culture.  

9) Be Polite

The best way to avoid confrontation is to be polite and walk away from any situation that may result in a fight. When visiting foreigner cultures you might come across several things that might be offending to you. But remember that you are only a tourist and there is hardly anything you can do to enforce change. It is important to keep your temper from flaring lest you should get involved in a fight with the locals which can only be ugly.

10) Keep Your Friends and Family Updated

This is an important tip. Always remember to keep your friends and family members updated about your plans. In case of an emergency they will have much better chance of reaching you. Keep them update as frequently as possible through the internet, texts or phone calls and always give them your current hotel's detail.

Keep these things in mind when you are traveling and you tours will be far more enjoyable. Even if you happen to run into authorities for some reason don't get angry, try and keep a cool ahead about you and try to explain your situation.  Police and authorities don't want to harass you for no reason and if you are innocent they will let you go sooner than later though avoid getting in situations where you might have to face a direct confrontation with them.

Hope you don't run into any problems and all the very best on all your future tours!

About the Author: 
Mark Sanchez is an editor of Gurgaon hotels and Budget Hotels in Delhi/NCR. Book in advance the hotels in Gurgaon to make your trip memorable and hassle free. For more info, visit Banquet halls in Gurgaon.


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