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Best Clubbing Holiday Destinations

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Guest post by: Julia Dawson

Are you looking for a perfect holiday destination for you and your friends, where clubbing and partying is a top priority?  Then there are a number of places that you can go, most of these are in Europe making them slightly more affordable and quicker to get too.

Here is a list of some of the more common and best clubbing and partying holiday destinations:
- Magaluf
- Zante
- Ibiza
- Ayia Napa
- Faliraki
- Kos
- Corfu
- Malia
- Bulgaria

When you are going on a clubbing holiday make sure you get yourself properly prepared, here are some things that you should think of and consider before you go on or even book your holiday and while you are on holiday:

- Is the area you want to go to safe?  What are the crime rates there like? If you are planning to go on a clubbing holiday the chances are you are going to be drinking, if a vulnerable state you will want to know that you are at least in a safe place.

- Book a good hotel: don’t just book the cheapest hotel, book a reputable, established and safe looking hotel.   If you book a dodgy hotel and they day after you get there someone breaks into your room and takes all your stuff, you are going to be spending the holiday without any money.  Always lock away your personal belongings in a safe before you leave the hotel room.

- Consider booking an all-inclusive hotel, that way if you were to run out of money by drinking it all away or losing it, you know you will at least have all of your meals and drinks included in the hotel. If you do not want to go all-inclusive, consider full board, at least then you know you will have something to eat each day.

- Before you go on holiday, make sure you know where the local hospitals are, or where you can go if you need help or advice on something (for example, make sure you know what to do if your passport were to get lost or stolen).  Trying to find this information out when you are there, and trying to talk to people you don’t really understand and who don’t really understand you, can be extremely difficult, if you are in a panic you will be stressed enough so give this some consideration in advance.

- Drink responsibly: Don’t go over the top just because you’re away with your friends, all this will do is make you incredibly sick and may give you a hang over the next day or even make you more susceptible to getting heat stroke. When you drink out in a club in another country, do the same things you’d do when you go out in the UK with your friends, buy bottles and always keep the top of the bottle covered with your thumb so nobody can put anything into your drink, don’t accept drinks off people you don’t know, and always stay with your group, if you meet someone you like, don’t separate from your group to spend time with them, if they like you they’ll be happy to meet up with you the next day, in the day time and in a busy place…you can never be too careful with strangers.

- Separate your money into days and only take out with your budget for that day. This will avoid you spending it all in the first couple of days.

- Keep with you at all times something that shows who you are and who should be contacted in an emergency.

Authors Bio:
Julia Dawson is dedicated traveller and blogger. She likes wandering around the world and revealing the splendour of new glamorous vacation spots. Her present article is dedicated to the greatest party destinations worldwide.


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  2. When you search for the best options clubbing holiday, and there are many different points of view. Two of the clubbing destinations and the most popular party in all parts of the world is Ibiza, Spain, and Miami, Florida. Each of these sites contain beautiful scenery incredible, and stimulating nightlife. They are all destinations that have a unique set of influences and forms of cultural expression, and represent all points of diverse communities of people.

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