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Traveling Around The World Guide

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A guest post by Emily Dawson

Travelling around the world is a big undertaking which usually happens once in a lifetime. The memories, however, certainly stay forever. It’s often more affordable to travel around the world than to visit a single destination with a return ticket. Travelling around the world is for active and adventurous people who don’t mind seeing the best of a destination within just a few days and then heading straight to the next one. People often spend fortune on a week or two at a luxurious hotel in an exotic destination, when they could spend the same amount of money or less for travelling to multiple countries, staying at a cheaper accommodation and eating on the go. It’s an unforgettable experience – travelling the world is like a dream come true, so if you can organize it for you and a few friends, you won’t regret it.

The first thing to do is determine the price for your around-the-world ticket. In Europe you can buy a rail pass for the Euro-lines and visit more than 40 cities in one go. In the United States the national rail company for this purpose is called Amtrak. In Asia you can purchase a rail pass for the Trans-Siberian railway, which connects Moscow and Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. The most expensive way of travelling the world is by plane, but don’t single it out before using a comparison website to check what the cost of your trip will be. If you start early enough with the search, you might get a really good price. Decide where you want to go and be wise about your choice.

In Asia there are many countries which are alike in terms of language, landscape and things to see; same applies for Africa and South America. Of course, every country is unique in its culture and traditions and worth seeing, but you need to draw the line somewhere. If you live in Europe, start with your most desired destination on your continent and then proceed to Asia, on to North America and go back or head south. It all depends on your budget and how early you start your preparation. The next thing to consider is accommodation. If you have friends or relatives in different countries, talk to them early enough about staying over. Another option is to stay in hostels or rented flats. Check the website for couch surfing where you can stay at another traveller’s place for free. Pay attention to all sorts of restrictions in terms of luggage, especially if you will be flying. When crossing borders you might not be allowed to bring some items from one country to another. You can also have a mixed trip and combine different means of transportation. If you want to cut your costs on food, you can buy your own groceries and skip the restaurants. Bring only things that you will wear, check the weather forecast and keep in mind that first world countries are the most expensive, but also the most developed once in terms of travelling conditions, second world countries are somewhat cheaper and third world countries are quite cheap but tough to travel in. Your biggest concern should be currency and health when travelling the world. You need a full life and health insurance and some cash prepared in advance, especially for the countries where it can be tougher to find an ATM. Follow these tips and you will be able to organize an unforgettable round the world trip.

Author's Bio: 
Julia Dawson is dedicated writer, traveller and blogger. She likes discovering the beauty of new exotic destinations all over the world. Her present article is dedicated to the most popular vacation spots on earth.

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