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Planning a Vacation in Peru - These Places You Should not Miss

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A Guest post by: Julia Dawson

Peru is one very interesting and not very well known country in South America. It is a land of ancient history and cultures and very exotic destination for visits especially for those who are living in Europe and Asia. There is information that in the territories of the country there were inhabitants even in ninth thousand years B.C. This fact makes the history of the place very long and interesting.

The cultural, cooking and art traditions in the area are all result of the American and Spanish collaboration during the centuries. The pictures made in Peru in the last years are very eclectic and that makes them unique and very interesting at the same time. The food prepared by the local people is even bigger combination. Very strong influences are felt besides from the North American tradition but also from the African, Arab and even Italian once. The Chinese and Japanese recipes have also found their place here.

A vacation in Peru can be very interesting. There are the usual luxurious places  with nice five stars hotels and restaurants, giving the tourists the maximum comfort. But still there is another side of the country like many natural wonders which can not be seen anywhere else. It is good to make reservations close to such areas so you will really enjoy the natural and interesting side of your trip.

Once you see pictures from Huacachina you will like to get there immediately. It can look like usual oasis in the middle of the desert but it is not like that. The beautiful water place with the nice buildings and any equipment you will need for a vacation is surrounded by great sand slopes, where you can slide down with boards. And what is the best part of all – the place is very close to the capital Lima which automatically makes it very easily accessible by bus or car. A buggy ride is another option to cross the area in case you do not want to get too dirty when rolling up and down the slopes.

Areuipa is the second one of the largest and most popular cities in the country and it is great destination for a vacation in case you do not want to go so deep in the desert and away from the sound and the live of the big city. Despite the fact that it has very well developed industry and working business it is also one of the best spots for adventurous tourism. Hidden in the Andes and surrounded by several volcanoes, it is the area where is located the second largest canyon in Peru. And this is great condition for any high-adrenaline sports like trekking, downhill biking and rock climbing.

Chachapoyas is another very interesting city in the region of the Amazon River. It is also known as the capital of all the areas surrounding the great river. It is very difficult to point each attraction that is good to be seen while spending time in the area. For example you can start with the Kuelap fortress which is known to be built from the Incas back in the centuries.

The Gocta Waterfalls situated in the region is something that has to be seen. It is very well known from the local people but the world discovered this great place in 2005. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the country and the most beautiful as well. Since then the lands near the waterfall are significantly developing and growing as major tourist destination.

Author's Bio: 
Julia Dawson is a writer, traveller and adventurer. Currently she is striving to improve her writing  skills and style. Therefore she is searching for new sources of inspiration. Her present article is focused around bestvacation spots in Peru related thematic.

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