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The Island of Dominica - Exotic Place in the Middle of the Caribbean

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A Guest post by: Julia Dawson

The island of Dominica is one unique and exotic place, situated in the Caribbean region. Its total territory is only seven hundred and fifty square meters, but it has collected so much beauty that it is hard to see all of it just for one trip.

You will not be mistaken if you suggest that he name of the island came from the name of the day of the week, on which Columbus spotted the island back in the past.

The culture of the island will be interesting for everyone who comes to visit. The place has been home for many tribes and people during the centuries. The European culture was also very important as many settlers came here especially from Britain and France in search of new life and treasures.

The music is significant part of the local culture and the life of the men and women living on the island. Since 1997 the locals are celebrating the independence of the island with many musical performances at the “Creole in the Park” and “World Creole Music Festival”.

As for the cuisine, the one on the Dominican island is very similar to the other parts of the Caribbean. The most common dishes are combination between sauce and some kind of meat. One of the traditional meals on the island in called pelua – it is made of chicken and rise and many local roots and seasons. What is really interesting for the people coming outside Dominica are the local fruits. They are very exotic and are offered in any variants – row or made in juice.

For those who will love to practice some sports while staying on the island, it will be interesting to know that cricket is the most popular of them and that is why there are perfect conditions for it on the island.
Great part of the island is green oasis, which is great for hiking, and is attracting many tourists keen on this activity. This is the best way to explore the island and its beauty. During the walk a visitor will come across rain-forest  many tropical plantations and exotic palm trees. In fact hiking is so developed in the area that visitors will find different systems with high or low level of difficulty. Those of the paths which are good for beginners are very well seen and easy. They feature many bridges and wide paths and are the best choice when you are coming with the family even though you may consider yourself as very advanced hiker. 

The intermediate section of the trails on the island includes more mountainous parts of the land. They are very challenging at some points but still very pleasant for crossing. The expert trails are very nice as well but they are only accessible for professional hikers. However if you are one of these people, you will enjoy the most gorgeous and breathtaking views over the island from up above.

Coming back from the forests and the trails the tourists will love to enjoy a day or more stretching under the sun. The magic of the beaches on the island is that they are too rocky and in case you find some nice place to lie on you will probably be alone in the area enjoying the privacy and the romance of each others presence. The waters are turquoise blue and the panorama is completed by the white splashing waves, bringing freshness from the water. The only thing you will see ahead will be the clear blue horizon.

About the Author:
Julia Dawson is a writer, traveller and adventurer. Currently she is striving to improve her writing  skills and style. Therefore she is searching for new sources of inspiration. Her present article is focused around exotic tropical vacation destinations related thematic.

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