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My 2012 Travel Destinations

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Where do you want to go in 2013?

This question popped into my mind after being inspired by reading the travel posts of Filipino Travel Bloggers such as Francis’ PALA-LAGAW post ( entitled “Wandering Through 2012”, Mich’s CHASING PHILIPPINES article ( “2012 Travels: Chasing Places Like It’s the End of the World”, Nina Fuentes’ JUST WANDERING ( “2012: A Year of new experiences” and of course, Mervin’s PINOY ADVENTURISTA post ( “Year-end special: Thank You 2012! My Most Travel-filled year (yet..)”.

I am really amazed by their enthusiastic attitudes on traveling the Philippines like it’s the end of the world. But before planning and making my own travel list and itineraries for the year of the Water Snake 2013, I will also post my travels last 2012. As one saying goes, “Don’t regret yesterday, it is the perfect compass guiding your journey today.”

The first destination I sojourned in 2012 was the Monastery of Transfiguration located in Malaybalay, Bukidnon where I had my first breakfast with the Monks last January 08, 2012- Having the mass at the Monastery while hearing the voices of the Monastery’s Boys Choir (which was the Philippines’ Best Children Choir), is fulfilling and revitalizing in the body and soul. After the mass, we were lucky enough to visit the Museum of Transfiguration where the works of Gang Gomez (Famous Designer turned into a Monk) are being showcased.

Check this link for Breakfast with the Monks at the Monastery of Transfiguration’s article:

My next destination for this month was the Walled City- Intramuros where I was awed by the remnants of the Spanish Colonial Era. My sister and I toured around Intramuros for P600.00 riding a “Padyak” (A type of tricycle using feet to pedal) where the tricycle driver-turned-to-be our official Tour Guide explained to us the history of the Area. 

Me and my sister Faith having a good background.
After 4 hours of tour, we then proceed to the Quiapo Church where I had my first glance and touch of the Black Nazarene.
Tagaytay is my next spot. Luckily, the family of my father’s brother Captain Benjamin Dampal let us stayed at their Rest House with my sister Faith. Fortunate again, they let me toured the famous “People’s Park in the Sky” where I had my first glimpse of Taal Volcano. Then, they let me taste their famous Italian Restaurant’s “Buon Giorno! CafĂ© and Bistro”. Not to mention the Frozen Yogurt- FLING.

I had also given the chance to visit the Coffee Capital of the Philippines located at the Amadeo where Dad Ben had their own Coffee Farm.
The month of February is the Love Month, it is also the month where the BS Industrial Psychology students of Liceo de Cagayan University had their educational tour every year. The destination? METRO CEBU!

This month, I had my preparation for the summer time so I decided to stay in my city, Cagayan de Oro.

It’s official SUMMER! And yes, my destination for this particular month were Three! First was the Hometown of my girl, Surigao del Sur where I had my yearly tradition of having my Holy Week to the place. We rode a bus transportation for about 10-12 hours. The experience will always be great because I'm with her.
By the way, my next destination was Metro Cebu after proceeding to the famous fine white sand, best sunset, and 3rd best night life in the world. What I’m talking? Of course, it is Boracay Island.
"DAJON KAMO" is a Surigao dialect which means Come Inside. By the way, that's me and
my gilfriend. wearing same shirt. <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">
During our trip to Boracay, we stayed at Boracay Breeze Resort and Sitio Boracay both
located at Station 1, Boracay Island. My American-Filipina friend used to be my student
took this shot with our Japanese-Filipino friend.
Boracay Island offers one of the best night lives in the world aside of its famous fine white beach!
Puerto Princesa, Palawan is my destination this month where I visited Honda Bay’s Islands (Luli Island, Pandan Island, Starfish Islands), their famous historical landmarks (Immaculate Conception Cathedral and Plaza Cuartel) and one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature- Puerto Princesa Underground River.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Wth the BS HRIM Students of Liceo de Cagayan University at the Isla Pandan Day Resort, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
Cagayan de Oro is my destination for this month as the city prepared for the launching of the first ever City Tour in Mindanao blessed by the Department of Tourism and the City Tourism Office. Last June 08, 2012, we had our familiarization Tour for our city to be the official Tour of Cagayan de Oro.

The world’s tallest divine mercy known as the Divine Mercy Shrine was my destination for this month. It is actually revisiting the pilgrim site like ninth time. Don’t forget the Centennial Marker of Freemasonry where I published an article to my travel site about its information.
Check this out:

I went to the former Longest Zipline in Asia located at the Dahilayan Zipline Adventure Park, Barangay Dahilayan, Bukidnon where I experience its superman thrilled zip.

I also experienced on-hand shooting at the Northern Mindanao Practical Shooting located at Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City.

Don’t forget the KUMBIRA- Largest Culinary Event in the Philippines. Location: Cagayan de Oro City.
Basically, it’s our month and my sister’s Charity. As a gift, we let ourselves had a break where we decided to go to Metro Manila. We had an awesome experience together with my brother in law Kuya Nino being confused while walking around Quiapo Church to Divisoria to find the famous China Town. Indeed, we really had this incredible Binondo Wok experience. And oh', we also went to Enchanted Kingdom, Laguna. Unfortunately, the Amusement Park is closed at that time. Still, we had our photo souvenir.

By the way, my sister Faith gave us a birthday gift- Checking in at the Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza. Thanks sis!
Unfortunately, Enchanted Kingdom was close when we went there.
I also had the chance of meeting these Numismatists as I witnessed the Collectors bid their prices for
their desired coins and/or paper bills.
A rare opportunity of meeting Mr Jun Cuartero at Greenhills, Metro Manila.
Oh’, I almost forgot. I also have another destination for this month- The Metro Cebu for the ninth time. 
Yeah, so much about the Metro Cebu for my lists of destination so what’s next? Metro Davao!

I had the chance to meet again the “Best Informative Tour Guide in Davao” Mr. Jojo Estrella and her companion, the Most Joyous Female Guide Ms Aimee Lou Gonzales for the first time.

The destinations: Jacks’ Ridge, Davao Crocodile Park and Ostrich Ranch, People's Park, and Emergency 911 Office. Of course, we went to Aldevenco's Souvenir Shops for our souvenirs back in Cagayan de Oro.

I had visited The Garden City of Samal Island again and splashed at the Blue Jazz Beach Resort.

I had my Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon Tour not being a tourist but being an official Tour Coordinator and Guide with the Provincial Capitol of Cavite.
End of the World or Beginning of a New Phase? Well, too much about this issue, I should have my last destination for the year 2012 at Sumalsag Cave located at the Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon but the was not able to accomplish my goal because of certain issues. So, for the whole month, I was in my hometown Cagayan de Oro City.


I hope you like my entry for 2012. How about yours? Where did you go last year?
Let me hear your comments. :)


  1. what a year! cheers to more travels this 2013 :)

    ang sad lang nung pagdating ninyo sa enchanted eh sarado :(

    1. Hi! Yes, i'm planning to travel more this year- 2013!

      And yes, it's a bit sad coz when we went there, Enchanted is close. I even talked to their staff bakit close 'ung establishment nila kahit nasa website nakalagay ay open. Nevertheless, we still captured our photo souvenirs. Planning to visit the area again perhaps this year. :)

      Best regards,
      Clement Dampal II
      Site Owner

  2. Hey bro, you got a real big collection of traveling and camerawork. Your photos are just awesome, I am very amazed to know that you were in different places in every next month. I hope that you will enjoy same thing like that in this year also.

  3. Huge and wonderful collection you have .......Really amazing to see.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful and unimaginative travel spot......

  4. how come I just found this? hehehe!
    2012 was a busy year for me, not so much for 2013 though.
    Hope we could meet someonetime while on the road. :)

  5. These are really beautiful and awesome pictures.Capturing your memories is really great thing it always remind you the good times you have spend.These places are really unforgettable.

    Wholesale Escapes


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