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The Greatest Lakes in the World

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A guest post by: Agnes Jimenez

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As an outdoor fanatic, I am always looking forward to my next adventure. I enjoy seeing new sights and trying leisure or sporting activities that are popular in the area. Whenever my husband and I go out of town, we usually pre-arrange fishing trips. I have had many exciting experiences out at sea, and for a change, I want to try fishing in a lake on our next trip.  I did a little research about the world’s greatest lakes, and here’s what I came up with – the largest, the deepest, and the weirdest!

The 5 Largest Lakes        
As they say, the bigger the better!
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1. Caspian Sea. With a surface area of 152,239 sq mi, this is the largest inland body of water in the world. It is so big that it is shared by five countries: Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran.It was called a ‘sea’ by ancient Romans because it is salty, but technically it is a lake because it is bounded by land on all sides.

2. Lake Superior. Bordered by US on the south and Canada on the north, this large lake has an area of 31,820 sq mi.

3. Lake Victoria. The largest in Africa, Lake Victoria is shared by Tanzania and Uganda. It was named after the Queen of England.This lake has an area of 26,828 sq mi.

4. Lake Huron. Fourth on the list is Lake Huron, which lies on the border between US and Canada. It has an area of 23,010 sq mi.

5. Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan in North America has an area of 22,400 sq mi. Its waters are joined by Lake Huron through the Straits of Mackinac.

The 5 Deepest Lakes
These lakes are ideal for diving and fishing for species that only live in the deep.
1.  Lake Baikal. The deepest and also the oldest lakelocated in Siberia, Russia, Lake Baikal has a depth of 5,369 ft (1,637 m). Because of its depth, many unique species have developed in its waters. The female golomyanka, for example, is a fish that does not lay eggs. It instead produces a swarm of larvae ready to swim- an oddity amongst the fish kingdom.

2Lake Tanganyika. With a depth of 4,826 ft (1,471 m), it also holds the record for the longest freshwater lake in the world.

3. Caspian Sea. The biggest lake also has a considerable depth: 3,362 ft (1,025 m)

4. Lake Vostok. Located in Antarctica, it has depth of at least 2,950 ft (900 m). It is currently being explored for signs of life, with no luck so far.

5O'Higgins/San Martin Lake. Located in South America, this lake is bordered by Chile and Argentina. It has a depth of 2,742 ft (836 m).

The 5 Weirdest Lakes
While researching, I have also come across several unique lakes:

1The Dead Sea. Situated between Jordan and Israel, it is technically the Dead Lake. It is called ‘dead’ because no living things survive its high salinity. Because of the high salt content, you will instantly float in its waters.

2. Laguna Colorada. Located in Bolivia, this lake is colored red because of algae pigmentation.

3. Lake Titicaca. With a height of 3,812 m (12,500 ft) above sea level, this lakeis the highest lake of all. It is located near the border of Peru and Bolivia.

4. Plitvice Lakes. It is a series of sixteen lakes interconnected by waterfalls!

5The Boiling Lake. Located in the Dominican Republic, it is a watered hole in the earth. Hot bath, anyone?

As I progressed in this research, I became more and more excited to visit each one of them. I am now ready for my next adventure! In a few weeks I am going to try chartered fishing in Cabo, San Lucas!

About the Author:
This has been written by Agnes J. in behalf of
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