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BONITO ISLAND: The Heart-shaped Island in Batangas

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Last February 08, 2013, I featured one of the most gorgeous naturally-inspired lakes in the Philippines with a shape of a heart located in the province of Sulu, Mindanao known today as the Siit Lake.

Now you think that's all the Philippines can offer? Think twice and start packing your things and go to this next destination- The Bonito Island, Batangas.

What's the buzz about this Island Destination is that it forms a heart symbol. Yes, the formation of the Island itself is heart surrounded by wide array of white sand and blue-colored water.

According to their website:, "Bonito Island Resort is once an exclusive dive resort that offers a range of diving packages and as well known to hardcore divers for its great diving facilities coupled with the surrounding waters that are rich with marine life."

Bonito Island Resort is located in Barangay Pisa, Tingloy, Mabini in Batangas about halfway between the pier of Batangas and Puerto Galera.

Aside of having a heart-shaped Island, this resort also offers a great package for diving enthusiasts. One site for that is the Nonie's Point- "A shallow dive with max. depth 50 ft. Accordingly, you will find the underwater bridge nearby the nursing station of sharks.Crevices, undercuts, cracks, canyons and big boulders are very common in this site. Due to heavy currents in the area, hard corals are more abundant than a soft corals. Angel fish, butterfly fish, wrasse, sweetlips, surgeon fish, jacks, tuna, snappers and rainbow runners are very common in this area. Probably one of the best areas drift dives."
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For more information about the Island Resort, please check their website at:


So what's your next destination? 
Share us your thoughts and we will inspire people through your own destination.


  1. oh my! eto pala yung mysterious island na nakikita ko pag nasa plane ako :)

  2. can i share this on my blog?... i like people like you, proud filipino...

    1. Hi Ronald!

      Greetings from BEST SPOTS PH!

      Yes, you can share it to your networks of friends.

      Best regards,
      Count Clement II
      Site Owner

  3. Can I share this on my wall?...thanks in advance...God Bless


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