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LDCU Tourism Students Walking Tour in Cagayan de Oro City

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A total of 42 Tourism students from Liceo de Cagayan University experienced walking around the historical vicinity of the City of Cagayan de Oro last May 17, 2013 as they presented and performed the job of a professional Tour Guide in connection to their Summer Tour 113 Tour Guiding Subject. 

The walking tour was facilitated by Mr. Milo Dahilan Jr, a DOT-Region 10 licensed Tour Guide and Mr. Paolo Querol, the Teacher.

At 8:00 in the morning, the walking tour officially started where the students felt uneasy, excited and I would say, some are tensed and worried as they reviewed their scripts and even their side info guiding known as "spills". Nevertheless, the tour started with an inspiring message and prayer.

Barangay Uno, where the Gaston Park is located, was the first destination where paired students discussed the history and heritage of the area. From the century-old Gothic-inspired Cathedral known as the St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral where an 1888 wooden cross is still erected, to the remaining Cherry blossoms which were given by the Japanese as a peace offering, from the 1920 water tower converted to a now-City Museum to the Second Battle of Cagayan de Misamis where General Nicholas Capistrano commanded the battlecry-attack against the American invaders on the sunrise of April 07, 1900, from the historical to the Origin of the name of Gaston Park which is said to believe as the first settlement of the people of cagayan de Oro to the first Hospital of the city known today as the Maternity and Child Hospital and even the history of the first wooden bridge of Cagayan de Misamis connecting the two now-districts of City, These heritage were carefully highlighted by the students.
The walking tour continued passing the Casa Real known today as the City Hall along the General Nicholas Capistrano Street where a historical college for women then can be found- The Lourdes College.

Plaza Divisoria was the next spot where important landmarks can also be found. These landmarks and monuments are the Masonic Obelisk-shaped Marker, Centennial Marker of Freemasonry Maguindanao Lodge 40, Rizal Monument, Justiniano R. Borja Monument, The El Pueblo Asus Heroes Monument, and the monument of Ramon Magsaysay. Each monuments and markers were given emphasis by the students with its importance of the city's history. Moreover, a pair of students explained the history of Divisoria which is said to be a spanish word means "to divide".

The tour ended at 11:30am with a fulfilling experienced and fun while the students showed their precious smiles as I captured the scene with the El Pueblo Asus Heroes Monument as a historical millieu.

Lunch was served at Butcher's Best Restaurant where Mr. Milo commented the students performance. A sense of nerved-cracking feeling and worrying what could be the jury of the Guide filled the room. Luckily, Milo expressed his positive observations commenting to the job well done of the students. Nonetheless, Milo gave them pieces of advice which can surely equipped them the basic of Tour Guiding practice.

The experienced of being the official Photographer and mentor of other students was so fulfilling as I obviously seen their faces filled with promises and inspiration. Good jobs guys! I guess you are ready for an extra mile!

For more pictures, please check the link below. Feel free to grab your photos. Just don't forget to credit the owner. And by the way, don't forget to like us on Facebook. :)

Ms Tiffany Cabrisos and Ms Monica Agaid- The best partner guides for this particular Tour Guiding.
Ms Lady is one of those Student guides who really knows how to make her tourists feel comfortable. She has a talent actually.
After a nerve-cracking experience of Tour Guiding Practice.


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