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Rizal Monument, Cagayan de Oro City

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The Monument of Dr. Jose P. Rizal is one of the important structures that can be found in Plaza Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City which was being shrouded by modernization and ignorance. However, what is so important about this monument that even a modern Kagay-anon forgot to share its significance?

For ordinary citizen of the city or a tourist, the Rizal Monument is just a plain structure constructed in dedication to the National Hero of the Country and that is absolutely true but there's more to the eye can meet.

For those people who value history, that standing Monument is one of the heritage  sites of the city that must be protected and preserved.

Rizal Monument was constructed last June 19, 1917, 6 years after the establishment of the Freemasonry Maguindanao Lodge 40 in dedication to the memory of the country's national hero and also a member of the fraternity.

What's so important about this monument is that its marble marker having an inscription of a Spanish language is the only surviving artifact with Spanish texts during the ravages of time most importantly the world war II.

The inscription in Spanish says:

"RIZAL! para perpetuar to memoria. Te dedicamos este recuerdo, humilde si, pero con ello van nuestros mas caros afectos brotados desde el fondo de muestras almas y, a todo kagayn que te venera sirvale de guia para seguir te ejemplo."

I am fortunate enough having been living in the city since my birth. Cagayan de Oro has so much heritage and history that is waiting to be explored and understand by those who are willing to learn.
Rizal Monument in Plaza Divisoria is situated at the back of the Centennial Marker of
Free and Accepted Masons Maguindanao Lodge 40.

(Below photos taken during mid-afternoon)

(Below photos taken around 6:00 in the evening)

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