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One of the stop-overs while trekking to the marvelous Sagada Rice Terraces, Bomod-ok Falls is renowned for its breath-taking view while capturing the heart of the trekker.

Bomod-ok Falls is said to be one of Sagada's most visited tourist attractions for both locals and visitors-alike as one can simply enjoy its marvelous charm. The word Bomod-ok simply means "Big" thus the name came from- The Big Falls!

It is located in the northern part of Sagada Rice Terraces between the village of Aguid, Pide, and Fidelisan, in Sagada, Mountain Province.

Accordingly, the long trek-hike will take you about an hour to reach this amazing falls from the town center where you will surely be experiencing being exhausted while enjoying the natures scenery. The down-pouring falls is about 200 feet tall splashing down on its basin pool having a below 15C.

Surely, every trekker could enjoy the splashing wave of the Big Falls with its chilling effect. Don't forget the boulders and rock formations surrounding its basin pool, a picturesque spot for photographer enthusiasts.

In order to reach the Bomod-ok Falls, one must hire the services of a Trek Guide from the Tourism Office of the Town Hall. The trek guides should be coming from and are certified Trek and Tourist Guides of the Sagada Environmental Guides Associated (SEGA) where they are acquainted and have the better knowledge on its vicinity. Other way is to get in touch with the Sagada Genuine Guides Association (SAGGAS). Both of them have its own prices depending on the number of trekkers.

Check the photos attached from our Photo Contributor Doctor Denise Katrina Lim.

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