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Mount Kalatungan- A Volcanic Mountain in Bukidnon

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Mount Kalatungan located in the municipalities of Talakag, Maramag, Pangantukan and Valencia in the province of Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao is said to be the sixth highest mountain in the Philippines having an elevation of 2,824 meters above sea level approximately 9,265 feet high.
Mount Kalatungan also known as Mount Catatungan is an active strato-type volcano which accordingly, no recorded historical eruptions yet and being classified as a potentially active volcano by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismoly (PHIVOLCS).
In addition, "the Mount Kalatungan forms part of the initial component of the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) through Presidential Proclamation No. 305 in 2000. Albeit it has a Protected Area Management Board (PAMB), Mt. Kalatungan has not yet been officially legislated as a Natural Park."
History says that the forests of Mt. Kalatungan are sacred to the Talaandig (A Native Tribe in Bukidnon) as they represent everything that is pure and strong and their continued existence ensures the community's perpetual existence and survival. For the Talaandig, the sacred forests are home to the tallest and hardest trees, it is where the cleanest waters will always flow, where the waters never runs dry and where the deer and wild boar will always roam and, most importantly where the Kalumbata' will always fly free. -(De Vera and Guina 2008-
Today, Mount Kalatungan is one of the destinations for mountain climbers and trekkers-alike as it offers a satisfactory experience while having a wonderful glimpse of Mother Nature.
Below link is a sample itinerary who wished to climb the volcanic mountain of Kalatungan. Feel free to click the link and/or copy and paste to navigate and review the note.
Also, please be aware of this guidelines while having a climb to this mountain. Guidelines are from AMCI Mountaineering Climb, Inc. (formerly the Ayala Mountaineers Club, Inc.)
Climb Guidelines:
  • No smoking while trekking.  Smoking will only be allowed at campsite’s designated areas.
  • Gambling is prohibited.
  • Before leaving the campsite, make sure that the area is clean and orderly.
  • Minor and Major activities must be done only at designated areas.
  • Minimize noise.
  • Acts of vandalism is prohibited by the Club.
  • Practice soapless washing.  Brush teeth at least 3 meters away from the water source.

Photo credits to Ms. Cassandra Galan of Cagayan de Oro City

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